Has it ever happened with you that you want to focus and concentrate on something so badly but you are not able to do it? Ever happened you have deadlines nearby and you want to finish the work in time or before time but you are not able to focus?

Obviously yes!!! We all face this – Be it a company’s CEO or be it an employee, be it a student or be it a professor. Everyone faces a time when we want to focus on something but we aren’t able to. Maybe because we don’t have an interest in that work or maybe we have made up our mind we won’t be able to finish it on time.

SCIENCE SAYS – The greatest power of a human mind is the ability to focus on one thing for a long period of time!! I know some may not agree but it true.


Imagine situations where you have focused on studying a subject so sincerely and you managed to score well. Situations where you focused and worked hard for a business presentation and the presentation worked out well and your boss and shareholders were very happy with you. But in all these situations also you just put your 40-50% of your entire focus a human mind can put.

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Imagine using your 100% focus in doing 1 specified task or work!!! I am sure you are thinking you can achieve that so easily. No sorry, you are mistaken that is so-so difficult because we have one biggest enemy of our mind always breaking that focus – DISTRACTION!!

Not able to concentrate and getting distracted again and again makes everything you wish to do harder and harder and longer to achieve and in the course makes you irritated and feel that achieving that it is not your cup of tea.

But you are wrong. Anyone and everyone can develop the ability to concentrate. You can learn skills and train your brain to focus better.

In this article, I will show you some techniques which not only help you remove distractions but also help you train your mind to help focus better!!


Everyone says our brain can multitask i.e. can perform a lot of tasks at the same time. While doing multitasking work our mind shifts from one task to another. Yes, it can but only if the tasks are easy and simple i.e. walking and talking at the same time or hearing and writing at the same time. But if tasks complicate that these you are not doing justice to either of the work. You are sacrificing the efficiency of both tasks. As unrelated as it may seem, lack of mindfulness in the present has been found to promote brain ageing by shortening protective end caps on your chromosomes called telomeres.

stop multitasking


Not everyone responds the same to sound. Some prefer a silent environment to concentrate and focus while others can do it easily or prefer to work in their favourite coffee shops. Like some might want to study only at home or in libraries where there is silence and some might prefer group studies to study as they cannot study alone at home. Slow, soothing and soft music often soothes your brain and keeps your brain cool and fresh and help focus and concentrate better. Make your own playlist and then use it whenever you lose your focus.


Your brain needs proper nutrients to function properly. If you lack any nutrient it does not do affect your health but also your brain which leads to poor concentration and focus. Nowadays people are Gym-freaks and not Brain-freaks!! They eat to shrink bellies and tone bodies and make abs but not to feed brains. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They are high in vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients which your brain needs. Avoid excess of sugar and carbs which takes your blood levels for a toss. Drink lots of water. Dehydration leads to loss of focus and headache symptoms. Avoid MSGs and added flavours. Add vitamins in your daily diet. Eating a good breakfast sends a signal to your body that it’s going to get the fuel it needs – you will be less stressed physically and better able to remain focused.

focus on proper diet for plan


focus on yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation is an essential element for calming your brain and brain muscles. SCIENCE SAYS doing meditation regularly not just increases your concentration power but also decreases your biological age by 12 years!! Shocking isn’t it? Focused attention is very much like a muscle, one that needs to be strengthened through exercise. Yoga and meditation have many benefits. So following them also keeps you fit and a fit can focus more on things than a lazy body.

focus on yoga and meditation


focus on proper sleep

Sleeping is important to our body and brain as food. A normal person needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep regularly. If you haven’t slept enough the day before or you have sleeping problems, I am sorry but you will have hard times concentrating and focusing on things. The biggest problems faced are by the Insomniacs. Nowadays people sacrifice sleep just to either chat on phones, party late nights, watch movies or something else. As it is rightly said ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise‘.  It’s difficult to grasp new things and understand concepts if we are sleepy. Inadequate sleep also cuts into working memory. It makes you less vigilant and reduces both your accuracy and speed on mental tasks.

focus on proper sleep


Stress eats away your power of thinking and focusing. It is also bad for your health. It leads to improper sleep, unbalanced diet, lack of focus. Stress reduction techniques should be carried out on a daily basis either by doing yoga or by exercising or meditating. When you are stressed you can’t even work focused in your field of interest, leave other uninterested jobs. Stress also eats away your creativity which can not only leave you unfocused as well as also confused.


Author: Ankita Mundhra

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