Three generations of a family sit alongside each other in the living room. Grandpa is merrily sipping away piping hot tea, resting in his rocking chair while humming along his favourite classic tunes playing on the radio. Father was busy having his daily dose of caffeine, hidden away behind the unfolded newspaper skimming through the headlines of the day. The boy was gorging on hot chocolate while shaking his head in sync with the EDM ringing in his headphones. And the lady of the house would probably be running around the chores of the house cooking up different meals according to the tastes of the family members. Pretty much sums up the average modern Indian household, doesn’t it?

The increasing diversity and wide variety of choices available in every levels of our lives is one of the defining paradigms of our lifestyle in today’s day and age. We rejoice in the overabundance of options that we are faced with that accompanies everything that we do, and we all like something different, something new! Something that keeps you coming back for more! And this has drastically changed the way we the world has been living!

Let’s take the sport of cricket for an instance. Test matches were widely regarded as the most enjoyable version of the gentleman’s game. But nowadays the surge in the fanfare of the shorter format of the game, the T20 matches is unparalleled! We are attracted more towards the apparel store that offers a wider range of fashion wear and prefer to eat at restaurants that serve a wider variety of cuisines.

Although ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’ and the old classic music tracks will still rule our hearts, but surely at some point the ‘Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility’ ought to kick in!

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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