She was walking towards her room, slowly with her swollen feet. She was shivering and sweating.

Her eyes were filled with tears of loneliness and abuse.

She recalled all those moments, when she sacrificed her – happiness, comfort, ambitions, health, sleep, for her son.

She had just rested her fragile body on the bed, when a child of 5 yrs of age came into her room.

He said ” I am sorry for dad’s behavior grandma. I am afraid he might send you to the old age home again.”

The old lady paused for a moment, took a deep breath and thought, she would herself leave the house before her son throws her.

That night, before the lady could move out of the house, she lost her life.

Never do in life …..

Never abandon your parents.

They not only blessed you but they are the backbone of your success.

Parents are epitome of unconditional love.

The way a mother nourishes a child, the manner in which she takes care of him, her affection and her worries about your health and future, her consistent support has made you what you are today.

A father silently brings all the things for your convenience. Remember how he scolded you, hiding his love, so that you can learn.

They love you. They have always loved you. Don’t leave them to old age homes or be rude to them.

They are sensitive, more than you can think”.

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