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Don’t let anyone make important and life changing decisions for you:

It’s your life, you should be the driver and writer of your own destiny. When you allow others to take decisions for you, you choose a life that others want you to live. Moreover, if you screw up things later, you can not blame them. Trust your own decisions.

Don’t stop loving yourself:

If you don’t love yourself then how can you expect others to love you…… What you listen from others is what your ears hear. That’s external appreciation, criticism or validation. But your most powerful conversation happens between your ears, in your mind. You can hear that conversation louder than any other. That’s internal self-worth. You are only as good as your next thought about yourself.

Don’t ever tell yourself that “you can not”:

If you have a dream that you want to live, always have faith in it. Believe that you can! Never underestimate yourself or make yourself think that it’s too big for a person like you or it’s meant for superior souls. Your actions make you superior.

Don’t take your health lightly:

“Health is wealth.” This might be just a quote/saying for some people but ask them who have lost great opportunities because their health didn’t permit them to continue. Health should always be a priority. Eat healthy, live healthy and take good care of yourself.

Don’t be surrounded with people who always try to change the REAL YOU:

Changes are important but not every single advice on changing a thing about you needs to be considered. People will disagree with you, dislike something about you or judge you. Don’t worry! You’re not here to please anyone. Be the real you! Have an identity, know what you stand for and stick to it.

Don’t impose yourself on anyone:

You’re undervaluing yourself by being there where you’re not needed. Be with them who like your company, your ideology and who like you as a person. Be with them who really need you. Don’t force others to accept you.

Don’t fall in love with someone just because they look good:

There is nothing more deceptive in this world than good looks. It’s too shallow and superficial to love someone on the basis of their looks, there are chances that you’ve to compromise on a lot of other much needed things. Fall in love with a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, with someone who is compatible with you.

Don’t miss a chance of helping someone while you can:

When you help someone selflessly, you do a good thing. The feeling that you get by doing something good fills you with contentment and positivity. So if you can help someone in need, don’t give it a second thought, just do it. Trust me, it feels great.

Do not share your secrets to anyone:

Everyone has their own list of good and best friends. Sharing a secret with someone is equivalent to sharing a secret with people who are on their list of best/good friends. You may never come to know about this but your secret would no longer be a secret anymore.

Do not merge/unite/introduce your friend(s) from school group with the college one:

Suppose you have a group of school friends. Then you join college and happen to form an another group of friends there.

One of your college friend whom you think out to be genuine, you introduce him with your school friends.They all felt nice meeting each other and eventually became good friends. They all hang out together, make plans together, invite each other to their parties, etcetera.

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After a month, you’ll start noticing that 90% of the time you hang out with them altogether, you’ll often be the victim of their ridicule. Your school embarrassing moments, incidents, pictures will be shared with the college one and college’s embarrassing moments and all would be shared with the school ones. You’ll be fed up giving explanation for every joke cracked on you.

In the end you’re going to end up with regression for bringing them together.

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