Video Advertising can be done in various ways –

Visual Advertising

In-stream Video Advertising

This type of advertising includes linear ads i.e. Pre-role, Mid-role and Post-role ads. Pre-role is nothing but ads which come before the main video streaming. Similarly, mid-role and post-role ads are that come in between and after the main video advertising respectively.

Then are interactive video ads which urge the users to take an action maybe signup for something or click the call to action. These ads are generally a mixture of video, animation and static images. Just like linear ads, they can show up before, in between or after your content plays and can last for up to 15-20 seconds.

Non-linear Video Advertising

This type of advertising includes overlay video ads. Basically, these ads are flashing alongside your normal videos. They are either at the bottom of your video streaming or maybe above the video too and they generally last for about 5 to 15 seconds.

Next under this is non-overlay ads. They are very similar to overlay ads just that they don’t cover the content of your video. They somewhere in the video player functions itself.

Companion ads

Companion ads are the ones which are shown around the video ads that you generally see on Youtube. These ads run alongside your video, or linear ads but outside the video frame.

In-banner video ads

This type of advertising involves placing video ads inside Banner ads. They can be standalone banners or banners alongside different content as well. They initially appear smaller but once clicked they cover the entire content of your web page the user is on.

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In-page advertising

These ads are nothing but video players which are embedded on various websites, to only show the users major ads. There is no other main video running its just ads.

In-text advertising

This is a very interesting form of advertising. Whenever a user points the mouse, or finger on some text in a banner, that area gets enlarged and a relevant video actually starts playing automatically after that.

In-game Video Advertising

Most of you might know this form of advertising. A lot of games have ads running inside the games maybe while loading or even in between. These ads are often seen in online, mobile and social games.

Now with all of these types of ads under Video Advertising, the advertisers choose formats based on budgets, the nature of business of brand he wants to promote and also what his potential customers would like.

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