Online advertising started with banner ads in textual formats. Advertisers slowly started incorporating images and colourful fonts in it. But after a certain time, people started getting bored of it and all these ads were monotonous.

Visual Advertising

Very soon advertisers saw a shift in the users preference and they were realizing people were shifting from words to videos. Now how could the advertisers miss this exciting opportunity to showcase ads where users spent most of their free time. So that is why Video Advertising came into being.

Video Advertising is essentially a part of display or visual advertising. To understand it better, we can draw a parallel to your offline advertising. If display ads are like banners you see on the roads or ads that you see in magazines, video ads are like ads that you watch on TV.

Online Video Advertising is nothing but showcasing ads with videos in them before, in-between or after video stream on the internet. Every time you open a video on Youtube, you either have a Ponds ad before or in between of the video streaming.

But why do users find videos more attractive? Well imagine the power of a well-made video with excellent graphics and super strong content! Wouldn’t it be impactful? You see our world is rising faster every day and the users want something quick and easy to understand. So that they can simply surf through it. That is why video ads is so effective. Video ads also look very familiar because we Indians are been conditioned to watch them in our TV breaks while watching a show.Also nowadays ads have become very interactive too. Different forms of video ads are trending which only makes video an excellent form of advertising.

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Apart from the users, advertisers find this platform effective in various ways –

– Costs for Video Advertising are less than traditional platforms.
– Real time results with this type of advertising. Not only do the advertiser get to see how many users are viewing their ad at any given time but also get information about where are they based and also get immediate feedback from them.
– Videos can also be shown in various different formats.
– Video ads travel with the consumers.
– These ads have a global outreach.

But like any other platform video ads have limitations and drawbacks too –

– “Skipping” Video ads.
– Timing of the ads.

Now knowing about the pro and cons of video advertising let’s move to an another important part which are the various types of Video Advertising which I will be explaining in the next blog. Do check it out!

Author: By Ankita Mundhra

Visual Advertising

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