Any promotional material used or created by a brand to sell or promote their products and services is called as Display Advertising.

 Display Advertising
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Display Ads are majorly used to display brand awareness. Now for your business to reflect clearly from your ad, you need to make sure that your ad has direct information about it. Don’t beat around the bush. Let your ad be crisp and relevant.

Make sure your brand logo is part of your ad with essential information like your tagline and what you have to offer about your user. Next thing which will make your ad appealing is simple design. Many times to go out of the box we tend to choose complicated designs but don’t do that for these ads.

Choose simple designs for your ad. Use appealing and clean templates in attractive forms. It would be very essential for your Display Ads to be compelling and have a crystal clear call to action so that your users would want to click your ad. To make it compelling, you need to first make sure that your ad when clicked on directs them to the landing page where the particular offer is valid and not the main page.

Chances of your call-to-action being fulfilled are less when you don’t take the user to the relevant page. Make sure you target your ads to relevant audience. Now to help you do so, you could take help of some demand site platforms and real time bidding.

As discussed for search, real time bidding would make sure your ad placed in the right place. Demand site platforms are platforms which have all the information you would need to know your audience like age, gender, interest, demographic etc.

Display Advertising has many pros –

a) It helps a website to bring back its customers.
b) Drive engagement.
c) Increase conversion rates.
d) Create brand awareness.

But latest stats reveal 200 million people have chosen to not look at these display ads and have ad block to block them. Not this is one major disadvantage of Display Ads. If seen frequently and irrelevant people tend to get irritated by it. Also many a times they get reported and closed by the user. This is the reason why you to need to focus on relevance and attractiveness of your ad.

Also yet another thing you need to know about Display Ads is Google’s role in it. Just like Search had Google Search Network, display has Google’s Display Network. Google’s Display Network has 2 million websites which reach over 90% users on the internet. This is the reach of Google.

What this network helps you do is that it lets you know about the brand or product exactly before he or she is going to buy it. For eg., you want to buy a laptop. What you initially do is chose a few laptops and compare their specifications. You also read reviews on them.

Now with this network you see an ad of Lenovo network while reviewing itself. Chances are you will click on the ad after reading your review and after reading you may buy it too. If you are the advertiser Google network is a blessing to you. because it helps you find the right audience across tons of website. It lets you showcase your ad in front of the potential customers at the right place at the right time.

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But how does Google’s Network manage to find this “right” audience? Well for starters, Google AdWords use contextual Targeting and focus on the keyword your Ad campaign is based on to find relevant users. It gives you different spaces to showcase your ads on different websites. You can use where your ad would be placed. It could be online video game site, news feed, mobile site or even mobile app ad.

It lets you design a remarketing campaign with which you can get back to your past users or simply follow other marketing strategies to find an audience which you think will be interested to buy your product.

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