Why it is required to change or edit lower level agency details in PFMS ? When lost my admin password I tried to forgot the password but comes to know that the mail id and mobile number which were required to forgot the password updated wrong in PFMS. This process is required six digit OTP to change the password. In order to get the OTP either in email or mobile number we need to change it.

So, here questions comes that what to do and how to change the details? The details of a agency is only modified by its Parent agency. The Parent agency can edit any details of its child agency except unique agency code. So the process to change the basic details such as email, mobile number, etc. of the agency is as follows:

Step – 1: First we have to login through the admin id of the parent agency in PFMS.

Step – 2: After login to the admin id go to the option Agencies -> Manage other Agencies click on it.


Step – 3: Now we are in Manage Agency page where all the agencies are showing created by the Logged in Admin Agency. In order to modify the basic details such as email id or mobile number click on the Agency name need to modify.

Step – 4: Once click on a Agency name, View Agency page will be open and we can see Agency Details, Agencies Office Address Details, Agency Contact Details and Agency Scheme Details. Now click on Edit button to modify the desire details.

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Step – 5: Now we are on Edit Agency page and can check that details are in editable mode. Tick on Not required against TIN Number, TAN Number & PAN Number under Agency Details.

Step – 6: Modify Mobile Number & Email under Agency Contact Details and click on update.

Once click on update you will find a message that “Edit request generated successfully and sent to Agency “ORMYxxxxxx0235” For approval” which you need to approve.

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Step – 7: In order to approve the edit request we have to go to Agencies -> Approve. Agency Registration Approval page will open where choose agency status as Agency Edit Request Approval (Agency User).

Now the Agency Edit Approval page will open where changes made to the agencies will show.

Step – 8: Click on the agency name, it will take us to Agency Details page where we need to choose New under Select Value in order to update the new details then click on approve.

Once you click on Approve a popup will come and ask that Are you sure, you want to approve? Click Ok a message will come that Edit request approved successfully, New details will be updated. You can proceed for the forgot password process.

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