Any E-Payment Mode is not activated for selected scheme. Account activation for e-payment is a one time process which is enable us to make print payment advice. This process is generally used when a agency add a new scheme/bank account. The step by step process for account activation is as below:

Step – 1: Login with agency administrator user id and password in to PFMS portal.

Step – 2: Go to Bank then click on Account Activation Epayment.

Account Activation for epayment

You will be redirected to Activation of bank account page.

Account Activation

Step – 3: Select the scheme and click on search button. All the accounts related to the selected scheme will be display.

Account Activation

Step – 4: First you need to select the account and choose the E-Payment Using Print Advice under Account Activation Type then click on submit and press ok on popup contains “I confirm that correct Account has been enabled ?”

Account Activation for epayment

Step – 5: Now account is submitted for activation and status is “Pending for Activation Approval“.

Status will be changed to Activated within 5 – 10 min by system. After that Agency can be able to go for PPA generation process.

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