Do you wants to create customization and generate PPA? Do you wants to generate PPA for small number of Vendors? So this is the mode called User Interface (UI) where you can generate PPA for small number of vendors (For example 2 – 3 Nos). In this mode its not mandatory that you can make PPA for only some vendors, you can even also generate PPA for any numbers of vendors. But in UI mode it is user friendly and can easily generate PPA for small number of vendors.

In this process no required to upload any excel file to create customization. Here I will show you the complete step by step process till generate PPA. All you need is just the vendor you wants to make payment the vendors must be added or mapped to your agency and the bank status for the vendor must be Success in Bank.

First you have to login using your Data Operator Id to your agency in PFMS. Once login the first step is to create Customization then we will make PPA by booking expenditure. So the complete process step by step is as follows:

Process to Create Customization in UI Mode

Step – 1: After login to your Data Operator I’d go to Masters -> Bulk Customization -> Manage.

Generate PPA

Once click on Manage the Scheme Bulk Customization page will open where we need to fill details to create Customization.

Step – 2: To create UI based customization we need to fill details as follows:

  • Choose Scheme
  • Fill Customized Name (Must be unique name)
  • Transaction Type: Choose Component Wise
  • Choose Scheme Component (Mark ☑ against scheme component) under which head you wants to book expenditure
  • Module: is as Expenditure
  • Agency Account Choice : Self
  • Bank Account: Choose the Bank account
  • Vendors : Choose Vendors (Mark ☑ against vendors you want to make payment single or multiple)
  • Payment Mode: ☑ EPaymentUsingPrintAdvice
  • Click on Save

Once click on save it will show Record saved successfully and the customization name will shows under Manage Scheme Bulk Customization.

Customization name is created for vendor payment in UI mode. Now we have to book expenditure in order generate PPA.

Process for Expenditure Booking

The Expenditure Booking process will be done only in Data Operator I’d. To book expenditure against the customization created in UI based follow the steps below:

Step – 1: After login to your Data Operator I’d go to Expenditure -> Add New

Step – 2: Once click on Add New the Create Expenditure Details page will open. To book expenditure we need to proceed as follows:

  • Choose Scheme
  • Choose the customization Name
  • Fill Letter/office order no (
  • Fill Actual Transaction Date
  • Fill Expenditure Amount
  • Fill Narration
  • Set Default Component: ☑ against component code
  • Set Expense Type: ☑ Revenue
  • ☑ Choose the vendor name and fill the amount then click on submit.
  • Once you click on submit a popup will open saying that “The Transaction has been saved successfully with Voucher Number:” click ok on it.
  • Message will appear that Fund expenditure saved successfully. Do you want to proceed with payee details? Click on Yes
  • A new page naming Fund Expenditure Bulk Uploading Payee Details page will open. Here click Next.
  • Once you click on next  E-Payment Details will shows below to it and ask for Narration For Pass Book. Fill the narration and click on confirm.
  • Now the message will come that “Payee details saved successfully”. Click on Next.
  • Now we can see Funds Expenditure Bulk Uploading Details page where vendors details are showing and a option you would see “Submit for Approval“.
  • Verify the details and submit for approval to Data Approver.

Process for Expenditure Approval

To approve the expenditure transaction submitted by the Data Operator, the Data approver needs to login its I’d. To approve the expenditure follow the steps:

Step – 1: After login to your Data Approver I’d go to Expenditure -> Manage Bulk Fund Expenditure

Step – 2: Once click on Manage Bulk Fund Expenditure the Manage Expenditure Bulk Uploading page will open. To approve the expenditure follow the steps:

  • Choose Schemes
  • Choose Status: Submitted (For huge Nos of expenditure booking it will easy to find)
  • Click on the Letter/office order no.
  • It will show you the Expenditure Details, Verify and click on Approve.
  • Now you can see the Print Payment Advice option.

Download the Print Payment Advice signed it and submit to the Bank.

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