Limit Allocation: Limit required for each and every agency to make payments through Print Payment Advice. District level agency assigned limit for expenditure through PFMS to its child agencies. An Agency only able to make PPA when it has a limit in PFMS. Limit system starts when SNA module starts by the Central Government. A District agency assign limits to its every Child Agencies but sometime what happens that while searching for a child Agencies it shows that No record found.

Limit Allocation

You can check from the above image that while we are searching for a child agencies to assign limit but it has shows that no record found. So question is that what happens to the agency and why it is not showing for assigned limit as already the Agency mapped with the Scheme.

In order to assign limit the Agency must be Mapped with the Scheme as well as it is required to mapped with its parent agency. So before assigned limit we need to map with its Parent Agency. To Map follow the step by step process as below:

We can map the agencies in the District level agency by login to its Administration I’d.

Step -1: After login to the District Admin go to Agencies -> Agency Mapping.

Once we click on Agency Mapping we will be moved to Scheme Fund Flow Hierarchy page.

Step 2: In Scheme Fund Flow Hierarchy page we need to follow some steps as below:

  • Scheme Name : Choose the Scheme
  • State : Choose your State

Once you select your state we can see the Scheme Fund Flow Hierarchy as below. Here we need to click on required Hierarchy.

Suppose we will go to the School, once click on School we can see that the mapped list of schools are showing.

For allocation of limit to a Agency, the Agency must be Mapped here. To map you have to click on Map New Agency, the Search agency(s) for mapping page will open where you need to fill your unique code and click on search. Now fill details as below:

  • ☑ Choose Agency Name
  • Choose District
  • Choose Block
  • Choose Panchayat
  • Choose Village
  • Now click on Add Agency

Once you click on Add Agency a popup will open says that Are you sure you want to map the selected agency(s)? Click on OK. At the top of the page you can see the message that Record mapped successfully. As the agency is mapped now we can allocate fund.

Now you can see the Agency is showing for Limit Allocation.

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