Add a Vendor or Map in PFMS: A vendor, also known as a supplier, is a person or a business entity that sells something. Whenever we purchase something we need to make payment to the vendor. To make payment against the goods or services through PFMS it is mandatory that the vendor must be registered in PFMS. If not registered with PFMS then we have to make register and incase already registered then we just need to map that vendor.

A vendor can be registered on PFMS only once. The system will not allow the same vendor to be registered again. Thus, the agency user will have searched the vendor by either by name, by unique code or Bank Account number and map the vendor. In this way, we can send money directly to his account. Following steps will be undertaken you to create a new vendor or Map.

How to add a vendor in PFMS:

In order to add a new Vendor to PFMS it is required that one must have all the banking and business details of the vendor. To generate the unique code we need to register the vendor steps as follows:

Step – 1: Login to your data operator I’d then go to Masters -> Vendors -> Add New and click on it.

add a vendor or map in PFMS

Step – 2: Now, Create Vendors page will open, select the Type as “Personal” for Individual Vendors (including staffs) “Commercial” for Suppliers and Contractors. For creating new Vendor, after selecting type of vendor, information in following four fields, is mandatory to be filled in

  • Choose Type: User has to select Type of Vendor out of the eight types available for selection in drop down menu.
  • Choose Name
  • Address 1
  • City
  • Mobile Number (☑ if Not Available)

Fill the details to generate unique code for a vendor as follows:

(Note: Though only four fields are mandatory to save the record, user is advised to fill the relevant information in all the fields).

Step – 3: Under Bank Details type out the first 4 letters of the Bank Name and thereafter select the Bank as per the listing. Enter the “Account Number” (Bank Account Number of the Vendor) then Click on “Add Bank Details

Now Click on “Save”

Step – 4: In case of vendor name is already exists in PFMS then it will show you the list and ask you to check the details that whether you are adding the vendor is any of the below vendor. If not then click on Yes.

Once click on save a message will appear on the top side that “Vendor/beneficiary added successfully. Please note the Unique Code for registered vender for future use – VAOxxxxxxx0903

Your vendor has been added. How to investigate?

After successfully added the vendor if you wants to check that whether the vendor we have added in PFMS is really added. To check the details follow the steps:

  • Go to Masters -> Vendors -> Manage
  • Search criteria: choose Vendors registered by me
  • Click on search

The list of vendors you added could seen below. Check here whether the vendor you have added is in the list below or not.

The status of the validation of the bank account can be checked at the same place against the Vendors Name in RED -> Bank Status (Success in Bank / Pending / Invalid )

How to Map Vendors already Registered in PFMS

Step No. 1 : Login as Data Operator
Step No. 2 : Go to “Masters
Step No. 3 : Go to “Vendors
Step No. 4 : Click on “Manage
Step No. 5 : Select Search Criteria as “Vendors not mapped with me”.
Step No. 6 : Fill the “Account Number” (Bank Account Number of the Vendor).
Step No. 7 : Click on “Search”.
Step No. 8 : If the desired Vendor is listed in the screen then click the “Check Box”.

Step No. 9 : And thereafter click on “Map Vendors” to map for to make payment from your agency.

Still if you have any doubt please comment. If your doubt is clear then please share with others…. You can watch the complete process video below..

2 thoughts on “How to add a Vendor or Map in PFMS”
  1. Vendors are added successfully. If we search vendors register by me, List of vendors shows but if we select vendors not mapped with me and if we provide Account number then “no record found” message appears. Bank status is success.
    Please guide me to Map the vendors in PFMS.
    Dr. M.K. Patil

    1. 1. Vendors which are registered by you only shows under “Vendors registered by me.”
      2. Vendors which are registered by other agency and not mapped with our agency then it will shows under “Vendors not mapped with me.”
      3. Vendors which are registered by other agency and mapped with our agency then it will shows under “Vendors mapped but registered by others.”

      No need to map Vendors registered by you. If you wants to map a vendor registered by other agency to your agency then first find in vendors not mapped with me then tick on check box and click on map vendor.

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