To start payment from a agency in PFMS first you need to add your bank account. Bank accounts can be added in PFMS only by the respective agencies with their own Admin login ID. In PFMS each and every agencies only can register a single ZBA Account. Once ZBA account is registered with a agency then the same can not be added to another agencies. If someone registered a ZBA account with a wrong agency then the same ZBA account cannot be again register with its respective agency.

For example: If “1000123” account is relate to “ORMY00001234” agency but the ZBA account “1000123” is registered with “ORMY00006789”. Now If you try to add the ZBA account to its original agency then you can not be register with it as its already registered with another agency.

When you try to add the account you will get a error message that “Same ZBA Account can not be Added in Multiple Schemes“. In order to register the ZBA Account to its original agency first you need to remove the account registered with the wrong agency. Follow the complete process step by step:

How to find the wrong agency through ZBA Account

Step – 1: Visit to the PFMS Home Page where you can find a option that “Manage Registered Agency”, click on it. You will be moved to Manage Agency Page.

PFMS Home Page

Step – 2: In the Manage Agency page choose the scheme and fill the Account number which account Showing 👉🏻 ZBA Account can not be Added in Multiple Schemes during registration then click on search.

ZBA Account

Step – 3: Now you can see details of the Agency where you can get the name of the agency and Unique Code.

Now we get the Unique code of the agency where the ZBA Account is Registered. To remove the account from it, we need to login to the Admin Id. Follow the ZBA Account deactivation process step by step as below:

Process to Deactivate Scheme/Bank Account

Bank account can be deactivated in PFMS only by the respective agencies with their own Admin login ID. To deactivate Scheme/Bank Account you need follow some steps shows below:

Step – 1: After login to your admin id go to My Schemes then click on Deactivate Scheme/Bank Account.

Deactivate Scheme

Step – 2: Now you are on Deactivate Scheme/Bank Account page where you need to choose your Scheme then click on search.

Step – 3: Now you can able see the bank account registered with your agency. Select the bank account and fill Requester Remarks then click on Submit.

Step – 4: After click on submit you will see a message that “Request has been submitted successfully” and the status will be changed to pending at Approver.

Deactivate request will be sent to the state office, once they approved it will be removed and you can register the ZBA Account with its respective agency.

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