Birthday is one of the special days when you are considered as the most important person amongst everyone. It gives us immense happiness and joy. Find everything you need to ensure your birthday party is a hit.

birthday party ideas

I can share some birthday party ideas which can help you to plan a cool party. Remember these points before throwing a party!

Early planning

As we know, Birthday comes once a year and party ideas for it should be damn perfect! You should start making plans a month before the birthday. It will give you enough time to set a budget and will let you choose the right spot to throw the birthday party. It’s wise to make a guest list for the invitation.

Surprise party

Throwing a surprise party always sound awesome. Make a list of guests that you want to invite to kid’s or partner’s party. Send them invitations. Just make sure that the person you want to throw a party for should not get to hear about your planning. Just keep it as a secret and reveal it with the word “Surprise!” on the birthday. Even if you forget to send invitations to few relatives or friends, you can still send an invitation by calling them on phone.

Select the dress code

Include and select the unique dress code for your party. It will be great to choose a unique dress code to lighten up the charm on your party. If you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday, then, a cartoon characters theme will be the best one in which kids will dress like their favorite cartoon characters like Naruto and Spongebob. Formal dress will be the best dress code if you are throwing your party in a restaurant or farmhouse.

Decide party menu

Select the best food for your birthday menu. Look, everyone loves to enjoy birthday parties but a good party is incomplete without great food. Plan and arrange some delicious dishes that you know people will love to have a bite of! You should also focus on the dishes that children love to eat. Choose the right drinks for your birthday party.

Hire Photographer and Videographer

You can hire both Photographer and Videographer for the birthday party. Children and especially ladies are always crazy about pictures. They love to get the attention of the camera. Hiring a photographer will increase the charm of your birthday party. A videographer will help you to capture those moments that everyone is going to live at your birthday party. Especially, when everyone will rock the dance floor with their unique moves and funny expressions.

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Choose the right cake

After arranging everything for your party, birthday cake is what you are going to be left with. Choosing the cake for your birthday will look like an easy task for you. But trust me it isn’t! When I brought a cake last time, I thought it was enough for my guests. But, the cake was too small that few of the guests were unable to have a single piece of it. So, make sure that the cake size is accordance to the number of guests.

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