Birthdays!!! Who doesn’t like birthdays? Even if you’re a kid or an adult or an aged one! Everyone loves to celebrate their birthday with their loved ones and party and enjoy with them! And off course the birthday parties… Who even misses them? As soon as you get a birthday party invite you to start thinking about how it is going to be. So to meet everyone’s expectations, the birthday party has to be an amazing one!

Here are some cool birthday party ideas and activities that you can use for an amazing birthday party-

Disney princesses theme party:

If your daughter loves Disney princesses, then throw a theme party based on it. Dress your girl according to her favourite Disney princess and ask to come in the same theme. Supposedly, she likes Cinderella then theme the party based on that. Like dress her in blue, keep all items like balloons and everything in blue colour. Design the cake in Cinderella style or design it as the Cinderella’s horse. Make some props like the Godmother Wands! Make stars or heart shape with sticks attached wands and see how the children in the party cast wish to others!

disney princess birthday party

Roadies game:

Every teenager is a fan of Roadies! They are so crazy about it that we always see people in big crowds actually going for their auditions. So if it’s a party for friends, then you can keep a roadies game for it. The birthday guy or girl can be the judge and all other friends can be the participants and there can be a good healthy round of questions and tasks. After all, every group has some kind of secrets shared and some hidden from others so in this game you will not only find secrets coming out but also the physical strength and sportiness flowing out.

Roadies game

Mickey – Minnie Mouse Theme Party:

If your kid loves Mickey and Minnie why not make that your theme party for his/her birthday? You can dress them in Mickey and Minnie style and have the birthday cake ordered in the same shape. You can put Mickey – Minnie balloons in the room with Mickey – Minnie masks for other children and guests to wear. Other children need not follow the theme, they can just wear the masks because we do not want the birthday kid to look the same as other children in the party.

Mickey-Minnie Mouse birthday

Incredibles Theme Party:

Everyone knows about the upcoming movie Incredibles 2. We all know how everyone is excited about that movie. So let’s increase the teens’ excitement by having an Incredibles theme party. Everyone can dress up in the Incredibles costume and put their masks on. You can have your balloons and gifts all set up in yellow and red to match the theme party. Try matching the food also in the theme colour like you can make red sauce pasta and similar red and yellow coloured foodstuffs!

incredibles theme party

Pokémon Theme Party:

Gooo pickachuuuu!! Frankly speaking, every 90’s kid is a fan of Pokémons. Be it a guy or a girl. When it’s about Pokémon there is no thinking twice. If you have no specific idea about what he/she would like, just throw a Pokémon theme party and teens will love it. Make each teen wear their favourite Pokémon dress. Design some Pokémon balls to create more fun in the party and some Pokémon cut-outs like standees. Make a Pokémon photo booth stand where they can click pictures with their favourite Pokémon standee.

Pokemon theme party

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