Birthday parties have always been exciting for everyone. From a toddler to an old man, everyone loves to attend birthday celebrations. But, when it’s your friend’s birthday party, things get a little more electrifying. All the fun vibes tend to hit all together that day.

“ Best Friend’s birthday is nature’s way of telling us to party hard.” And who can go against the laws of nature? Therefore, to help you throw a perfect, Instagram-worthy, and fun birthday party for your friend, we have listed below important points that many of you tend to overlook. So, here’s your guide on how to throw a perfect birthday party. Let’s get started.

Consider the Taste of Your Friend – Now your friend first, plan the party later. Loud, extravagant or intimate, what’s the choice of your friend. Hip-hop and happening birthday parties are enjoyable, but not for everyone.

Decide on the Theme and Location – FRIENDS theme party, NERF GUN theme, RETRO theme party, etc.

Plan Whom To Invite –The guests you invite to a birthday celebration depends upon the genre of the party. Is it a close family birthday brunch or an all-night booze party.

Decorations, Games, & Playlist – Colourful streamers, 90s Happy Birthday song, and musical chairs are no longer exciting. Get some inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube videos. Go for decorations, games, and a playlist that is trendy and fresh.

Get The Food Menu Right – A party without the food is not a party at all. What does your friend like the most? Italian or Thai? Set the menu accordingly. Next consideration to make is whether your invitees are vegetarian or nonvegetarian. If your guest list includes the mix of both, ensure that your food menu contains the best of both worlds. A few drinks, cocktails, and mocktails never hurt.

Birthday party ideas for teens- Part 1

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