Didn’t like the birthday party ideas you read in part 1? Or is it that you liked the ideas and you want to read some more?

So here are some more amazing party ideas for you which can be implemented for the birthday party of a teen:

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Bonfire and Barbeque Birthday Party:

Get your barbeques ready! It’s time to have a perfect birthday party! A barbeque and bonfire birthday party is all every teen or an adult could dream off! Having all friends together with their barbeques around the fire. Aaaahhhhhh!! I am excited already. A lot of gossips and fun is awaiting at such a party. To add to the party, put some music on and let their moves lit the party. If someone could play a guitar and sing, ahhh that’s all one could ask for. Add some snacks and juices to the party and it ends up with a perfect night and an unforgettable birthday party forever!

Bonfire birthday party

Movie Under the Stars:

Imagine sitting in your backyard, under the stars, with your friends or family and watching a movie on the projector. Sounds like fun? It definitely is! Arrange such a party and just feel the magic. This idea is not only budget-friendly but also a very interesting one. I am sure you might have never gone to one such party. So you definitely became a topic among your friends in school and college or your workplace. All you will need is a projector and screen with a few sheets and blankets and some snacks and juices to munch on during the movie trails. So pick up some amazing collection of your gang movies and rock the party!

Movie Under the Stars

Halloween Party:

Everyone has heard about a Halloween party. So rather than having it only on Halloween, let’s have it twice in a year. Keep a Halloween party for your birthday with Halloween as a dress code and see everyone coming out dressed as their favourite monsters! Put some selfie stands and cut-outs and masks to make it more interesting and let the birthday teen guess people around!

halloween party

Pool party:

Get your swimsuits out since it time for a pool party! This is one of the best summer party you could think off. And most importantly, this idea goes for everyone – be it a kid, teen or adults! Everyone enjoys pool parties. Prepare some water games to keep the party going. Some music and rain dance will just make it a perfect party. So go splash water on your loved ones and get the party going.

Pool party

Chocolate Slip N’ Slide Party:

Would you like it being splashed in a pool? Wait, wait, what if the pool is filled with chocolate and not with water? Excited? Definitely, it looks yum and it feels yum. Covered entirely with chocolate with your friends. And when you splash chocolate on your friends, they will be standing right there with their mouths open!!

Chocolate Slip and slide party

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