Do you feel LinkedIn Marketing won’t help much? If yes, then I am sure you haven’t heard about LinkedIn Marketing Success Stories. Yes, there are many companies who have benefitted from doing marketing at LinkedIn.

So here are some LinkedIn Marketing Success Stories for you –

Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf is a global sports company that manufactures and sells gold equipment.

Objective: The company wanted to raise brand awareness among digitally connected professionals.

Strategy: The company’s marketing agency created an interactive app using the LinkedIn API that allowed LinkedIn users to create an “ultimate foursome” by picking peers from their networks.

Results: This campaign generated over 1,500 new followers for the company page, as well as an 83% lift in positive sentiment towards the company across social networks!


IBM is a pioneering American information technology and service company.

Objective: The company wanted to grow an engaged community of professionals on LinkedIn.

Strategy: The company runs a continuous content marketing strategy to cover cutting-edge tech such as artificial intelligence. It also shares curated content and guest articles.

Results: IBM’s company page grew from 1.2 million followers to 3.2 million followers in only a few years!

LinkedIn Marketing Success Stories


UPS is a multinational package delivery and supply chain management company.

Objective: The company’s objective was to expand brand awareness in its niche.

Strategy: The company creates and curates content that is centred on the services it offers, as well as moving testimonials. They focus on publishing highly visual content only.

Results: This content strategy has helped the company increase share rates by 75% and to generate more than 80,000 followers!


Vestas is a Danish manufacturer and seller of wind turbine products and wind energy solutions.

Objective: The company wanted to boost declining revenues, boost name recognition, and raise brand awareness.

Strategy: The company launched a multi-faceted LinkedIn advertising campaign that included InMails targeted at key decision makers, and customized banner ads.

Results: The ads alone generated over 10,000 visits to the company’s website that averaged 7 minutes each!

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Maetz Resume Consulting

Maetz Resume Consulting is a professional resume writing service based in the United States.

Objective: Mike Maetz, the company’s founder, wanted to reach a larger audience to grow his online business and make it a full-time job.

Strategy: Mike used organic marketing strategies effectively, including joining and staying active in groups, and updating his status several times a day.

Results: Mike has generated over 75% of his clients on LinkedIn. He also reaches an audience so broad that he adds 50,000 to his network every 48 hours on average!

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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