Do you feel LinkedIn Marketing won’t help much? If yes, then I am sure you haven’t heard about LinkedIn Marketing Success Stories. Yes, there are many companies who have benefitted from doing marketing at LinkedIn.

So here are some LinkedIn Marketing Success Stories for you –


DOCUSIGN is an electric signatures company that sells electronic agreement solutions on the cloud.

Objective: The company’s objective was to generate more top-of-the-funnel leads to add to the final sales pipeline.

Strategy: DOCUSIGN designed an InMail campaign to target US based companies of medium size.

Results: The company generated more than 350 registrants that were directed to the Sales department!


Eurex is a leading derivatives exchange from Europe.

Objective: Eurex wanted to broaden consideration about their products in untapped markets across Europe and the US.

Strategy: The company updated their LinkedIn page and launched ad campaigns to target decision makers.

Results: The company increased its number of page followers from 500 to 13,000 in less than three months!

LinkedIn Marketing Success


PostcardMania is a postcard marketing company from Florida, in the United States.

Objective: The company needed to increase their return on investment and to generate more leads.

Strategy: The company created a content strategy plan to help people learn more about the benefits of their products for clients in different industries.

Results: The company generated over 600 leads in over a year, which made them an approximate $72,000 in business from LinkedIn alone!


Schneider is a multi-national provider of truckload and logistical services.

Objective: The company’s objective was to boost authority and awareness of the brand as industry leader.

Strategy: The company updated the profile of their new Business Development director. There they included information about the topics that matter to their audiences and case studies of success.

Results: This strategy helped the company increase connection conversion by 400%, and unsolicited connection requests from Industry decision-makers by 500%!

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Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a membership management and website development software company.

Objective: The company wanted to raise brand awareness, to establish authority, and to drive word-of-mouth referrals.

Strategy: The company created a company page on LinkedIn. Asked its current customers to recommend their products on the platform, and highlighted those testimonials on their website.

Results: By highlighting recommendations, the company was able to increase conversions on the homepage by 15%. It also improved the value of incremental marketing campaigns!

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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