What is the LinkedIn Algorithm?

The LinkedIn Algorithm is a set of instructions and rules programmed into the LinkedIn platform that helps the site prioritize content in the feed according to relevance and not by published time

In other words, the algorithm is like a checklist that helps LinkedIn identify what is the best type of content and how relevant it is

This Is How The LinkedIn Algorithm Works

The goal of the LinkedIn Algorithm is to reward accounts that produce frequent interaction and engagement with more visibility and increased distribution of their content

The LinkedIn Algorithm looks for coherent content intended to get a response, and it doesn’t favour a particular format

How To Make The LinkedIn Algorithm Work For You

Publish Question-Based Posts

For the LinkedIn Algorithm, question-based posts are “call-and-response” content that get an almost immediate response

That’s why it is important that you post questions on a regular basis

Post Time-Sensitive News

Posting breaking news is a great way to stir conversation and generate significant engagement, especially because news stay relevant during the day

So if you post a piece of breaking news in the afternoon and it gets lots of engagement, the algorithm will keep pushing it to people’s feeds until the hype decreases during the evening

Post Infographics

We mentioned that image posts generate almost 100% more comments that text-only posts, but if you really want users to engage with and share your image posts, then create and post infographics

Infographics are highly educational, and LinkedIn users love them

LinkedIn Algorithm
Post Stuff About Your Employees And Stuff

Employee-centric content is seen as a kind of “behind the scenes” type of content on LinkedIn, and users appreciate the occasional break from business-themed content without going too off-topic for the platform

And while the algorithm doesn’t favour employee-centric posts in terms of relevance, it does so by measuring the amount of engagement that is generates

Cover Events

One type of content that the algorithm actually does favour is content about events

The algorithm specifically pushes posts about events where big-time and recognizable brands are present. Even if they are only present in an information booth

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Tag Companies And Other Users In Your Posts

Tagging other companies and users in your own posts is a great way to boost your reach. Besides, doing so sends a notification to whom you tag, which the algorithm interprets as an interaction

Because tagging can become intrusive when unsolicited. Best practices include tagging only companies that are likely to respond, and limiting yourself to 5 tags tops per post

“Like” And Comment On Industry Content

The algorithm not only measures the engagement you get but also the engagement you do!

First, it helps the algorithm know that you are a real person interacting naturally. Second, it helps boost other people’s content

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