A buyer persona is a fictitious depiction of a perfect client that businesses employ to drive their strategy and tactics. Their aim is to pinpoint your potential customers’ specific needs and interests in a bid to make it easier to create focused content and messaging to meet these specific needs and concerns.

While creating a buyer persona for your business, a few of the important constituents are customer demographics, behaviour, shopping habits, previous purchase patterns, and goals. Try putting yourself in their shoes and think from that perspective of who they are and what are they looking for. Some of the key components while creating your customer persona is:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Location
  • Challenges
  • Goals
  • Websites they visit
  • Shopping channels and more.
Marketing Plan buyer persona
Marketing Plan

The more you know about their basics, the easier it would be for your to draw your customer persona.

What does Customer Persona Help you with?

Identifying needs and wants

You may get a better idea of what your customer wants from your brand and what information and answers they’re seeking online by assessing the objectives, problems, and objections of your buyer personas. Understanding the motivators of your persona is critical to know how to market to them and what you should give them. It may even lead you to discover new chances to build new goods or services to address other issues customers may be experiencing. It can and should, at the very least, assist you in determining what marketing and sales materials to create for your website, emails, blog, and social media accounts.

Understanding Shopping Habits

Understanding how your personas go about making purchases can help you figure out when and where to approach them. Perhaps you have a persona that conducts 95% of their research online before contacting a business. Knowing this will enable you to get in front of them early in the process with educational content relevant to their needs and sell to them without directly selling to them.

Behavioural Insights

Knowing where these personalities spend their time online and in the real world is important. This will help you figure out how to interact with them, how to find new consumers, what kinds of material to create, and how to market it.

Target Content

Understanding your personas’ requirements, wants, objectives, difficulties, and other characteristics can help you determine what sort of content will appeal to them. You may plan about what to develop that is in accordance with their values now that you know what they value.


The usage of list segmentation will benefit your email marketing if you have buyer personas in place. When you divide your contacts based on their personas, you can send an email to that personalist to get important material in front of them without them having to look for it.


Now that we know what a buyer persona is and how we can use the individual components to market our company, let’s take a look at what it can do for us.

Creating personas is an important part of figuring out who your client is and how to communicate with them. Meeting your client where they are and giving them the information they value in a format they prefer will not only help you better understand them, but it will also help you create a foundation of trust and respect for your company, allowing you to develop a stronger connection with them.

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