Hangover – 5 best homemade remedies for it

Partying with friends at the club the entire night and having a good share of drinks is fun right? But what is irritating is the next morning when the hangover knocks in! For some people ever after drinking too much the previous night is a good morning the next day but for others, the first thing to greet them is the hangover. Some symptoms of a hangover are nausea, headache and dehydration.

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So here are some best homemade remedies for you to get you over your bad hangover:

1. Drink a lot of water and fluids:

Dehydration is very common when you have had a lot of alcohol the night before. So it is advisable that when you get up the next day you drink a lot of water. Only drinking water won’t help so you need to drink some juices and booster drinks so it gives you a lot of nutrients to hydrate your body. So it is necessary that you drink a variety of fluids.

2. Eat a full stomach breakfast:

The more you remain hungry, the more time will it take the hangover to go away. Once your stomach is full, the hangover will die away easily. Avoid eating oily foods for breakfast as it will add to nausea. Eat foods which are easier to digest such as cereals or toast.

3. If you are not needed anywhere urgently, directly go to bed:

If you don’t have to go anywhere and you have some time free for yourself, go to sleep after having breakfast. This will let your body rehydrate itself and resting will help heal your body.

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4. Eat ginger before and after drinking:

Ginger treats nausea. So it is a good thing to eat ginger before and after drinking. Ginger also helps lessen effects on your body.

5. Exercise and stretch a little:

Stretching out and doing light exercise in between periods of sleep and rests helps release endorphins and it will make you feel better.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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