Are you upset? Had a breakup? A bad day? Had a nice day? Got promotion? Got demotion? Wanna party? Doesn’t the answer to all questions is “Alcohol”? Are you an alcoholic? If yes, then you should know that it harms your body a lot and you should surely get rid of it.

Alcohol gets absorbed in your blood directly and spreads throughout your body. Consumption of alcohol puts a lot of physical and emotional changes in your body which can be harmful. There are many long-term side effects of alcohol which can put your health at great risk.

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Here are listed some body parts which are affected because of regular alcohol consumption:

1. Digestive Systems: Alcohol wrecks parts of your digestive system right beginning from your mouth through all the way through your digestive tract and your stomach. Problems like gas, diarrhoea and abdominal fullness are caused due to damage of digestive systems.

2. Excretory System: Your pancreas produces toxic substances due to excessive consumption of alcohol because of which your pancreas can inflate and is more likely to be destroyed completely. Digestion process disrupts due to pancreas inflammation and it also reduces effective metabolism. Alcohol affects your liver severely by the formation of scar tissue.

3. Organ Damage: Excessive drinkers face very common problems such as oesophagus and stomach ulcers. Your stomach inflates when you drink alcohol a lot. It also causes irritation in mouth and tongue.

4. Central Nervous System: You think being drunk and behaving abnormally is pretty funny but doesn’t it makes a mess sometimes? This change is because of the alcohol in your body which quickly reaches your brain and your central nervous system. It is because of this why you are not able to talk and your speech slurs.

And then as you know you keep falling and tilting while you walk because your central nervous system loses command over itself. You are not able to make memories and it is because of this when you wake up the next day you are not able to remember things and instead you have terrible headaches.

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People consider drinking as a way to celebrate and have fun or be sad and cry over it but when does it become a habit no one knows. Alcohol is not the solution. You might be happy and forget everything for a while because obviously your brain doesn’t work at that time but after you’re normal you still have to face the same thing be it happiness or sadness.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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