Healthy Tips: If you have phlegm in your throat or lung pain or cough for a long time, then this problem is due to the phlegm accumulated in your chest. Because it causes your infection. Today, we have brought you such a home remedy which can be applied so that you can get relief from all these problems.

Healthy Tips

To prepare this home remedy, it is necessary to make bay leaves which will be easily available from the kitchen. For this, you need 6 medium size bay leaves that you can use for weeks. After this, ginger is needed. Wash the ginger thoroughly and slice it into small pieces. Ginger is helpful in doing cold, cough, digestion.

As ginger contains vitamins, calcium, it is beneficial for our body. Take one and a half cups of water in a bowl to make this remedy. After the water is light hot, add the chopped ginger. After this, wash the chopped bay leaves and put them in it. After some time after the water boils, there will be white foam in the water. After this, if you are making it for a week, 7 cloves for ad reason.

Boil well for 7 to 10 minutes to make it. After this, leave this water till it cools down. After this, add honey to this water. If you have a sugar problem then you can consume it without honey. Mix 4 tablespoons of honey in it. It will require lukewarm water while consuming it.

If you give this water to the big people then take two spoons. Take a spoon if given to the little one. You can keep the surviving mixture in the fridge. You can mix half a teaspoon of lemon in it. Take it with warm water in the morning on an empty stomach.

By consuming it, the phlegm will come out in the chest that has accumulated for many years. In just 3 days, your cough-related problems will go away. It is a natural and easy home remedy. Friends, if you liked our post, please like our page to stay ahead with us.

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