Breast Augmentation is an artificial enlargement of breasts. It is done by inserting a silicone bag under the breast or under the breast muscle after which saline solution is filled in the bag.

Although breast augmentation leaves you with bigger and fuller breasts they also leave you with scars. You can see the scars on the lower half of the breasts, around the areola or under the arm. Not everyone who undergoes the surgery gets scars. It usually depends on the type of your skin or how sensitive is your skin and how does it heal after the surgery.

Like almost all scars can be treated, even these scars can be treated.

Below are some ways to treat and heal them:

Silicone gel treatment: Apply silicone gel on the scar and let it dry. Apply the gel daily for as long as possible for best results. The gel shrinks the scar while simultaneously flattening and lightening it.

Silicone sheeting strip: Silicon sheeting is a strip of silicone which comes in different variety of shapes depending on the type of surgery undergone. You can also reuse it. This is most effective in treating scars caused because of breast augmentation.

Cortisone creams: Cortisone is a hormone that can treat inflammation. Creams that have cortisone when applied on scars reduce the size of the scar and lightens it. If you are using this cortisone cream, make sure you use this cream only when the wound has healed completely.

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Removing the upper skin layer: Dermabrasion is a minor surgical process in which the upper layer of skin is removed. This is mostly possible and useful when you have raised scar and not when you have sunken scar.

Massage: Massaging the affected area can help drain the lymph nodes beneath the skin. A soft circular massage can help reduce inflammation and softens the skin. Massage your breasts only after consulting your doctor.

Laser treatment: Both new and old scars can be treated by lasers. Size and type of scar decide the number of sittings required to treat a scar. They can be used to flatten a scar and reduce redness.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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