Having body fat above the measured Body Mass Index (BMI) is called obesity. Obesity Disorders lead to health problems. All of us know that obesity is a monster. It is affecting everyone including young to old. It is growing like an epidemic affecting a majority of people.

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All of us know that outside yummy food lurks all of us. Don’t our mouth’s water when we see tasty panipuri or samosa chat while we are outside and we can’t wait to munch it. But at the same time, we are always in the pressure to look good. We define beauty by physical appearance and so we want to look good. We live in the age of Instagram so the number of likes or comments on our pictures defines our beauty and obviously general thinking no one would love someone who has obesity disorders.

Food is an integral part of our life. We are happy, we eat. We are sad, we eat. Party, entertainment? Eat. Festival? Eat. Someone passes away? Eat. But are we eating in the right way? Is what we eat well enough for our health?

Nowadays, you see anyone obese people start telling them to go on diet. Instead, go on crash diets. Like stop eating and work on the body part and it will go. But do you think your body understands that? How does your body know that you’re not eating because you need this specific part of your body to lose weight?

No, this thing doesn’t work. I don’t promote it and nor shouldn’t you! The only way out of this is a lifestyle change. Today you might diet and lose kgs of weight but what about tomorrow when you start eating them again? You will gain it again. So the best solution is getting a lifestyle change. You can start eating healthy meals cooked at home instead of roadside junk. And yes, a healthy meal is not always boring and not tasty. All that you eat outside can also be prepared at home which is tastier and a far healthier than it. Eat fruits, drink juices. Eat local and seasonal food which you always used to have. Don’t stress about your weight or life. Focus on being healthy. All of this is sustainable and will help you gain a good lifestyle.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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