A wise old man from Spiderman once said ‘That with great power comes great responsibilities’. Well, it’s very true for social media. It gives brand to leverage features which also gives marketers a lot of things to be careful about before getting into social media marketing.

Social Media Best Practices

Some of the Best Social Media Practices are as follows:

Share Content which is relevant to your business or something which involves common interest of customers you’re dealing with.

Share Life Hack, Tips & Tricks with your customers if possible. Customers like when you help them in smart ways in their daily lives.

Be a part of Twitter Chats or Social Media Conversations in general to make the account more familiar and visible to the audience.

Social media channels are superb places to find Jobs. You can post job openings to get fresh talent on board and also to promote the brand.

Use of humour works the best when sharing content on Social Media. But be sure you use good kind of humour so that it doesn’t backfire.

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Update your Facebook posts and Tweets regularly to avoid stagnancy. Let these updates be uniform.

Use cross promotion. Link your website and blog sections to your social media pages so your customers can spot you easily by clicking the links.

Give your customer reasons to follow you on all social media platforms that you use. If the content you share on Facebook is same as Twitter and Instagram why would the users follow all 3? So create a strategy which solves these problems.

Constantly check your social media accounts for important conversations, tweets, etc. by using tools like HootSuite, TweetDeck or SocialEngage.

Integrate your campaigns across all social media platforms.

Do not spam. Be consistent with your posts but don’t spam too much.

Schedule your social media updates beforehand to avoid forgetting or to maintain uniformity.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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