Agency Registration Web Page helps to register the agencies in the PFMS system. Agencies must be registered in the PFMS, before it starts receiving funds under any scheme. The following guiding principles may be followed while registering the agency on PFMS. Before starting registration of agency on PFMS please ensure that the agency has opened a new bank account in the name of the agency. Please wait for at least one day after opening of the account to agency registration on PFMS for its activation on bank’s server/portal.

Step – 1: To register agency under funding agency go to and click on the Login Button available on right side of the Top and enter your Login ID and password then click on login.

Step – 2: Upon login click on Agency Registration under Agencies then click on New Registration.

New Agency Registration

Now, we can see Scheme Wise Institution Type where we need to click on Block Level Implementing Agency.

Step – 3: Now, we are on Agency Registration page where we need to fill all fields. In case any mandatory information is not available with you or registration please contact the concerned Ministry/Department. To registration on new agency we need to fill these details as follows:

1) PAN Number: Although it is not compulsory

2) Agency Name: Type name of the agency in this textbox. Agency name is a mandatory field, and it can contain maximum of 100 characters.

3) State of Registration: Select a state in which company is registered from this drop-down list. State is also a mandatory field, and an option should be selected for it.

4) TIN/TAN/GST Number: It is not compulsory. If any, allotted to the agency may be entered. If not available then tick on Not Required.

5) Agency Office Address Details: Please enter complete address of the agency viz. name of District, Block/Building/ Village, Road/Street/PO, Area/Locality, City, State, district, and PIN Code and do not leave any column.

6) Agency Contact Details: In these columns, please enter contact person name, designation, Contact Number and email address respectively.

7) Word Verification: Type the letters in this textbox which are appearing above the word verification textbox. It is a mandatory field, and agency registration process cannot be completed without filling this field.

Then, Click the save and continue button to precede the registration process. Clicking this button will open a popup showing your Agency code, click on OK to proceed further.

Step – 4: We are now on the next screen where we need to add funding agency. Now, Choose Funding level and funding agency then click on Add Funding Agency.

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Now, click on save and continue to add Agency Bank Details.

Step – 5: Agency Bank Details – Type first 4 letter of bank name in the text box provided or click the Select Bank hyper link. All banks beginning with the typed letters will appear. Select the appropriate bank from the list.

Account No: Enter bank Account number of the agency in this textbox then click on Add Bank account to add the Scheme/Bank Details for the Agency.

Step – 6: Agency User Login Details:- Fill desired User Name & Password (Password must contain minimum 6 characters and maximum 15 characters. Password should contain alphanumeric and at least one special character like [@#$%^&*]).

I Accept Terms and Conditions: Select this checkbox to confirm the acceptance of terms and conditions for the registration process.

Submit: Click this button to submit the registration details filled in the agency registration form. This button will be disabled until Terms and Conditions checkbox is not selected. Once Submit button is clicked, you will get a popup message i.e. Agency details saved successfully and pending for approval. Details will be sent to your email address. Click ok on it.

Agency Registration Approval

In order to approve agency registration we need to follow the process as below:

Firstly: Go to Agencies click on Approve button.

Secondly: On Agency Registration Approval page choose “Agency created by me” under Agency Status and Click on submit button in order to view the Agency.

Thirdly: Now you can see the agency name Click on Agency Name to approve it. Tick on check box and click on approve but before approve must check Bank Status showing green Tick.

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