‘Your body is what you eat.’ So, be careful with your eating habits. Healthy living is leading a disease-free and fit life. It is a lifestyle that will make you look physically well and will make you feel content and satiated. It will strengthen all your vital organs and will help you live a long life.

healthy living

There are plenty of fancy diets on the web these days, like the fruit diet, the juice diet, the vegetable diet, etc, each promising to give miraculous results within a short time span but are causing immense harm to the human body. Our body requires all the vital nutrients in a balanced manner. It requires carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and water. It also needs adequate calories for the body to function well.

Imagine our body as a machine and the food we consume as fuel. If we do not fill the machine with an adequate quantity and quality of fuel then the machine will stop working in the same way if we do not respect our body and eat what it requires, we will be unhealthy.

For healthy living, we must eat the varieties of wholesome food in the right proportion. We must also consume our meals at the right time. Our diet must include all the essential foods that nurture our body and our soul. Avoid junk food and deep-fried food loaded with sugar, salt, white flour, and other preservatives. Inculcate a habit of having early dinners with a healthy sleep cycle.

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Along with our diet, physical activity levels also play a crucial role. So along with diet make sure you exercise regularly.

The best diet is only specific to each and every individual. So we have to do a lot of experiment with ourselves and arrive at what works 🙂

I will try my best to elaborate and give a way to reach your best diet based on my experience. We have to know 3 important thing – What to eat, when to eat, how to eat which I will elaborate on my next post.

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