A healthy diet must must be the composition of Vitamins , minerals, healthy fats and complete protein. first up , for a healthy lifestyle I always make sure to drink enough water . These days in summers , I am drinking 4 litres of water everyday.

Current understanding of food as nutritional value is good but food is much more than that. We are what we eat. We have to know 3 important thing – What to eat, when to eat, how to eat:

What to eat ?

Unprocessed food: Food which are derived from nature are best for us. The amount of processing should be as less as possible. So big no to Maida, Bread, Maggie variant, chocolates, ice creams…. Just think before you chew ….

Oils : Big No to refined oils. Best to use Cold pressed Mustard Oil, Ground nut oil, Coconut Oil . . And lastly Ghee prepared from Indian Breed Cow with Vedic Bilona process is a superfood.

Eat seasonal: The best food for us is what nature gives at the place you are living and seasonal. Our digestion power changes with season so as the type of food we should eat. Also say no to exported vegetables, they are not grown locally.

Adapt to Traditional Local food: Traditional food are very much evolved over 100s of years on what works. For example in South India, food such as Idly, Dosa,Rice, Coconut are very light on body because weather is always hot and humid.

Don’t take TV advertisements seriously, they are just trying to sale their products

When to eat ?

“Eat dinner as early as possible” : Go to bed empty stomach. You may think you will not get good sleep, but you will be amazed by the quality of sleep and feeling you will get in morning after some days. Sleep by 11pm.

Only eat when you are hungry during the day for healthy lifestyle.

How to eat ?

Chew the food till it it melts in mouth. It’s very important. From this single habit you can feel what your body like what it does not.

Fruits: Fruits should be a different meal by itself. Don’t eat fruits with meal. Best to eat it in empty stomach or after 2hr of a meal.

Lot of living things has given their life to be on our plate. So food should be taken with utmost gratitude to the universe. Million are hungry while we joke around the dining table. So eat each bite of food with utmost care and attention.

Continuing from the above point, it is well known that if our emotional state is not good, we get stomach problem. Food is not a bunch of chemicals and our consciousness has a huge impact on how it behaves in our body.

Also say no to phone, TV during eating. Best way to eat is in Sukhasana(Yoga Asana) for healthy lifestyle.

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On your journey for best diet

First habit to develop is : Chew your food till it melts. It will give us the introspection required to understand the quality of the food. Overeating goes out of the window. Amount of food you take will decrease automatically.

All good foods are not best for us as a individual. For example your friend may like apple but you hate apple. Only eat food what your body likes, as each of us are different. Change your diet slowly and see how digestion system behave and how is your energy level.

We can surely enjoy junk foods on occasion but the food we eat daily should be of highest quality we can afford.

Listen to the body not the mind.

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