This is the verbal ability questions and answers section on “Synonyms” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.


Q1. Nabob

A. Bigwig
B. Doubter
C. Frolic
D. Converse

Q2. Pall

A. Light
B. Satiate
C. Carry
D. Horror

Q3. Sacrosanct

A. Prayer
B. Sanctuary
C. Pious
D. Sacred

Q4. Louche

A. Gauche
B. Fine
C. Brilliant
D. Indecent

Q5. Stentorian

A. Violent
B. Misbegotten
C. Loud
D. Stealthy


A. improve
B. decrease
C. subvert
D. sharpen
E. sweep


A. relinquish
B. withdraw
C. forgive
D. punish
E. accept


A. ransack
B. surround
C. induce
D. destroy
E. kidnap


A. loathe
B. rebel
C. neglect
D. pretend
E. captivate


A. polish
B. flow
C. absolve
D. reveal
E. revolve

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Q1: A (Bigwig)

Explanation: a nabob is a person of great wealth or importance, or a bigwig

Q2: B (Satiate)

Explanation: to pall can mean to deprive of pleasure in something by satiating

Q3: D (Sacred)
Explanation: sacrosanct means the most sacred, or holy

Q4: D (Indecent)

Explanation: louche means not reputable, or indecent

Q5: C (Loud)

Explanation: stentorian means loud and is usually used to imply a voice of great power and range

Q6: B (decrease)

Explanation: The words abate and decrease are synonymous.

Q7: A (relinquish)

Explanation: The word relinquish is synonymous with renounce(give up discard)

Q8: E (kidnap)

Explanation: Abduct and kidnap are synonymous.

Q9: A (loathe)

Explanation: Detest means to loathe or hate.

Q10: C (absolve)

Explanation: Cleanse (rid of something unpleasant or unwanted) is synonymous with absolve (declare free from guilt, blame or sin).

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