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Synonyms Verbal Ability

Q1. Reel

A. Whirl
B. Fish
C. Hit
D. Mistake

Q2. Inscrutable

A. Difficult
B. Mysterious
C. Inflexible
D. Wary

Q3. Appall

A. Delirious
B. Covered
C. Dismay
D. Confuse

Q4. Upright

A. Honorable
B. Horizontal
C. Humble
D. Supine

Q5. Reverie

A. Palimpsest
B. Phantom
C. Daydream
D. Curio

Q6. Loot

A. Destruction
B. Waste
C. Spoils
D. Cavort

Q7. Loquacious

A. Talkative
B. Thirsty
C. Beautiful
D. Complicated

Q8. Chimera

A. Chimney
B. Protest
C. Illusion
D. Panache

Q9. Temerity

A. Audacity
B. Fearfulness
C. Shyness
D. Stupidity

Q10. Educe

A. Demand
B. Elicit
C. Ideal
D. Unlawful


Q1: A (Whirl)
Explanation: one meaning of reel is to move round and round, or to whirl

Q2: B (Mysterious)
Explanation: inscrutable means not easily interpreted or understood, or mysterious

Q3: C (Dismay)
Explanation: to appall is to overcome with shock, or to dismay

Q4: A (Honorable)
Explanation: upright can mean either honorable or vertical; horizontal and supine are both antonyms of upright

Q5: C (Daydream)
Explanation: a reverie means the state of being lost in thought, or a daydream

Q6: C (Spoils)
Explanation: loot means goods seized in war, or spoils

Q7: A (Talkative)
Explanation: loquacious means excessively talkative, or garrulous

Q8: C (Illusion)
Explanation: a chimera is a fabrication of the mind, or an illusion

Q9: A (Audacity)
Explanation: temerity means unreasonable contempt for danger or recklessness, or audacity

Q10: B (Elicit)
Explanation: to educe means to develop something potential or latent; to elicit means to draw out something hidden or latent

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