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Synonyms Verbal Ability

Q1. Jovial

A. Incredulous
B. Merry
C. Revolting
D. Dizzy

Q2. Indifferent

A. Neutral
B. Unkind
C. Precious
D. Mean

Q3. Simulate

A. Excite
B. Imitate
C. Trick
D. Apelike

Q4. Charisma

A. Ghost
B. Force
C. Charm
D. Courage

Q5. Apportion

A. Divide
B. Decide
C. Cut
D. Squabble

Q6. Generic

A. General
B. Cheap
C. Fresh
D. Elderly

Q7. Qualm

A. Distress
B. Impunity
C. Persevere
D. Scruple

Q8. Wary

A. Calm
B. Curved
C. Confused
D. Cautious

Q9. Distort

A. Wrong
B. Evil
C. Deform
D. Harm

Q10. Sumptuous

A. Delirious
B. Gorgeous
C. Perilous
D. Luxurious


Q1: B (Merry)
Explanation: jovial means good humored or merry

Q2: A (Neutral)
Explanation: to be indifferent is to be marked by impartiality or to be neutral

Q3: B (Imitate)
Explanation: to simulate is to assume the outward appearance of, or to imitate

Q4: C (Charms)
Explanation: charisma is magnetic charm or appeal

Q5: A (Divide)
Explanation: to apportion is to divide and share out

Q6: A (General)
Explanation: generic means having the characteristic of a whole group, or general

Q7: D (Scruple)
Explanation: a qualm is a feeling of uneasiness about a moral issue, or a scruple

Q8: D (Cautious)
Explanation: wary means to be attentive especially to danger, or to be cautious

Q9: C (Deform)
Explanation: to distort means to twist out of a normal state, or to deform

Q10: D (Luxurios)
Explanation: sumptuous means excessively costly, rich, or luxurious

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