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Synonyms Questions:


A. sanctuary
B. residence
C. reformatory
D. dwelling
E. shelter


A. withhold
B. countermand
C. hamper
D. suppress
E. encroach


A. disappoint
B. distend
C. exemplify
D. generate
E. lengthen


A. continue
B. prolong
C. promote
D. reject
E. abrogate


A. run away
B. give away
C. move away
D. forbid
E. waste away


A. save
B. forgive
C. victimize
D. cure
E. influence


A. strengthen
B. diminish
C. decide
D. resolve
E. refrain


A. self-centred
B. self-satisfied
C. self-abnegating
D. self-controlled
E. self-indulgent


A. spurious
B. obscure
C. imposing
D. superficial
E. irrelevant


A. recommend
B. repeat
C. emphasize
D. specify
E. intensify

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Synonyms Answers:

Q1: D (dwelling)
Explanation: The word abode which is a formal or literary term means a house or home, ‘dwelling’ is its closest synonym. The word ‘residence’ can be ruled out because it refers only to a person’s home, where as the word ‘abode’ has a wider connotation. For eg. the abode of animals, the abode of god but it is absurd to say the residence of god or the residence of animals.

Q2: B (countermand)
Explanation: Rescind means to cancel ( a law, order or agreement) the word countermand, which also the means the same, is its synonym.

Q3: C (exemplify)
Explanation: The word epitomize means to be a perfect example of something. The word ‘exemplify’ is its closest synonym.

Q4: E (abrogate)
Explanation: Repeal means to officially cancel(a law or an act of parliament)the word ‘abrogate’ also means the same.

Q5: E (waste away)
Explanation: Abscond means to leave quickly and secretly to escape from custody or to avoid arrest.

Q6: B (forgive)
Explanation: Reprieve means to pardon or forgive.

Q7: E (refrain)
Explanation: Eschew means to deliberately avoid doing (something) refrain also means the same.

Q8: C (self-abnegating)
Explanation: Abstemious means taking care to limit one’s intake of food, alcohol. Self-abnegating is its closest synonym.

Q9: B (obscure)
Explanation: Cryptic means mysterious. Among the options, obscure is synonymous with it.

Q10: C (emphasize)
Explanation: Accentuate means to emphasize.

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