Marketing Awareness General Knowledge Questions are arranged on this page. You need to practice the Marketing Awareness General Knowledge Quiz and know the answers to all the questions. Various competitive exams are placing a major importance on marketing awareness in order to see the knowledge of individual on Marketing.

Do you ever think of a magical quiz which is a superb mantra for getting success in any competitive field? This page provides that Quiz on Marketing Awareness which is very helpful for the individuals to crack any exams effortlessly and easily. There several competitional exams that possess this marketing awareness such as Bank Exams like IBPS, SBI, PO CLERK, LIC. So to have better knowledge of it we are providing “Marketing Awareness Quiz “to crack any exam easily.

Marketing Awareness Questions:

Q.1. The Unilever\’s products Rin Bar, Le sancy Soap, Close up toothpaste, Ponds talcum Powder and Lakme cream can be kept in which of the following categories? 

a) Product Line
b) Product Mix
c) Product Bundling
d) Product Items
e) Product Index

Q.2. A marketing philosophy summarized by the phrase “a good product will sell itself” is characteristic of the ——— period.

a) Production
b) Sales
c) Marketing
d) Relationship
e) None of these

Q.3. In marketing terms Attitude can best be defined as a –

a) Rude behaviour of Salesperson 
b) Rude behaviour of consumer
c) Mental state of consumer 
d) Ego of the marketing executive
e) None of these

Q.4. Which of the following statement is true?

a) Marketing makes the company to go into loss due to higher expense 
b) Marketing is not required in profitmaking companies
c) Marketing sharpens the mind of the employees 
d) Marketing is wastage of time.
e) All of these

Q.5. Warehouse Management does not include –

a) Space determination 
b) Stock layout 
c) Stock design 
d) Stock placement 
e) Order picking procedure

Q.6. DSA Means –

a) District sales Authority
b) Direct Selling Agent
c) Distributor and Sales agent
d) None of these
e) All of these

Q.7. If a company (considering its options on the product/market expansion grid) chooses to move in to different unrelated fields (from what it has ever done before) with new products as a means to stimulate growth, the company would be following which of the following general strategies.

a) Market-Penetration
b) Market development
c) Product development
d) Diversification
e) All of these

Q.8. In selling “Consumption” is the ultimate goal of the sales while a marketer-

a) Identifies consumer needs and wants.
b) Develop an appropriate product/service to attain customer satisfaction.
c) Accomplish organizational goals through integrated marketing approach
d) all of the above.
e) None of these

Q.9. The best advertisement is-

a) Glow sign boards 
b) On internet
c) TV media 
d) Print media 
e) A satisfied Customer

Q.10. Social Marketing Concept involves:

a) Long run welfare of society
b) Long run satisfaction of customer
c) Research and development
d) All of these
e) None of these

Marketing Awareness Answers:

Q.1 b) Product Mix
Q.2 a) Production
Q.3 c) Mental state of consumer 
Q.4 c) Marketing sharpens the mind of the employees 
Q.5 e) Order picking procedure
Q.6 b) Direct Selling Agent
Q.7 d) Diversification
Q.8 d) all of the above.
Q.9 e) A satisfied Customer
Q.10 d) All of these

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