Marketing Awareness General Knowledge Questions are arranged on this page. You need to practice the Marketing Awareness General Knowledge Quiz and know the answers to all the questions. Various competitive exams are placing a major importance on marketing awareness in order to see the knowledge of individual on Marketing.

Do you ever think of a magical quiz which is a superb mantra for getting success in any competitive field? This page provides that Quiz on Marketing Awareness which is very helpful for the individuals to crack any exams effortlessly and easily. There several competitional exams that possess this marketing awareness such as Bank Exams like IBPS, SBI, PO CLERK, LIC. So to have better knowledge of it we are providing “Marketing Awareness Quiz “to crack any exam easily.

Marketing Awareness Questions:

Q.1. Standardized and customized flow of activities, simple and complex number of steps and customer involvement by which a service is delivered is called……..

a) Place Mix
b) Physical Evidence Mix
c) Process Mix
d) People Mix
e) None of these

Q.2. ……………… the environment in which the service is delivered and where the firm and customer interact and any tangible components that facilitate performance or communication of the service.

a) Physical evidence
b) Process
c) Place
d) People
e) None of these

Q.3. “All human actors who play a part in service delivery and thus influence the buyer’s perceptions: namely, the firm’s personnel, the customer and other customers in the service environment.”

a) Process
b) Physical Environment
c) People
d) Place
e) None of these

Q.4. ……………is the difference between customer expectations and perceptions.

a) Customer Delight
b) Customer Satisfaction
c) Customer Gap
d) The supplier Gap
e) None of these

Q.5. ……………… a tool for simultaneously depicting the service process, the points of customer contact, and the evidence of service from the customer’s point of view.

a) Front end planning
b) Service Blueprinting
c) Service Standardization
d) All of the above
e) None of these

Q.6. …………………is the physical surroundings or the physical facility where the service is produced, delivered and consumed.

a) Servicespace
b) Servicescape
c) Serviceplace
d) Servicescope
e) None of these

Q.7. “…….is the culture where an appreciation for good service exists and where giving good service to internal as well as ultimate, external customers is considered a natural way of life and one of the most important norms by everyone.”

a) Service culture
b) Corporate culture
c) Service Triangle
d) Service Quality Dimensions
e) None of these

Q.8. SSTs stands for…….

a) Stable Service Technologies
b) Social Service Technologies
c) Smart Service Technologies
d) Self Service Technologies
e) None of these

Q.9. ……………are the only service distributors which do not require direct human interactions.

a) Electronic Channels                       
b) SSTs
c) Direct Service Channels
d) Speculative channels
e) None of these

Q.10. Which type of good Jewellery is:

a) Convenience
b) Shopping
c) Specialty
d) Unsought
e) None of these

Marketing Awareness Answers:

Q.1 c) Process Mix
Q.2 a) Physical evidence
Q.3 c) People
Q.4 c) Customer Gap
Q.5 b) Service Blueprinting
Q.6 b) Servicescape
Q.7 a) Service culture
Q.8 d) Self Service Technologies
Q.9 a) Electronic Channels                       
Q.10 c) Specialty

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