A lot of websites tie up with Google and show their ads on their own websites to help marketers to promote their services. This network is called as Search Network.

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Many a times on websites owned by Google you see a lot of ads and many a times on websites which have tied up with Google also shows similar ads. So all these websites in the Search Network agree to show ads which Google shows but again each of these websites get a commission from Google monetary profits to showcase these ads.

A part of revenue generated by Google thus go to these external websites. For eg., if someone is paying Google Rs.10 per click for showcasing their ad, Google will have a set certain amount say Rs.2 per click. And every time the user clicks on the ad from the external site that Rs.2 will be paid to the external website.

This commission amount is variable and subjective to each website. This also creates a good opportunity for marketers because if the customer has opened your Ad in Google, but did not complete the given call-to-action, it will again flash on some other website. This increases the chances of the customer fulfilling the CTA the next time he sees the ad on the other site.

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So Google choses another website to showcase that ad provided that the website is in the Search Network. You would have experienced this a lot of times too you know. For eg., if today you search for shoes online, but visit some sites and don’t buy any shoes. For the next 2-3 days whichever websites you go to will have ads of websites selling shoes the same websites you had browsed. So that is because those websites are a part of a Search Network.

So these ads which are showcased everywhere, are generally text ads. Text ads are nothing but ads with written texts and not ones with images. These are generally used while advertising on search platforms.

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