You can update your KYC information for EPF online using UAN EPFO portal. In order to update or change your KYC (Know your customer) detail on UAN EPFO portal, you require UAN (Universal Account Number) credential.  You can login to EPFO UAN portal and update your KYC by uploading necessary documents online.

These KYC details include PAN card number, Aadhaar card, and bank account details. If you have not yet updated these details on the EPFO portal you must do it now. KYC update in EPF gives following benefits.

a) The proper KYC document completed account does not face any delay during transfer or withdrawal of money.

b) If your bank account details are not updated then your claim may get rejected.

Following documents can be considered for KYC –

  • a) Bank Account Number
  • b) Permanent Account Number
  • c) Aadhaar
  • d) Passport
  • e) Driving License
  • f) Election Card
  • g) Ration Card
  • h) National Population Register

Basically Bank, Aadhaar & PAN (Mandatory if you do withdrawal before 5 years of EPF contribution as TDS is deducted.  If an employee withdraws his PF before 5 years of service, a TDS of 10% is levied against the amount if PAN is updated in the account. In case PAN is not updated, TDS charged increases to 34.608%. ) is mandatory and if updated these documents then one does not face any issue in future.

Step 1 – Login to EPFO UAN portal – using UAN credential. In the Manage tab, you will find menu ‘KYC’.

Kyc Page

Step 2 – Select the KYC information you wish to update from the list then fill Document Number, Name as per Document and Other details in case of Bank, Passport & Driving license then save.

KYC entry page

Step 3 – The status of KYC will be shown in “KYC pending for Approval” until details are approved by the employer. Once your employer approves, the status will be changed to “Digitally Approved KYC ”.

The facility provided to update KYC on EPF UAN portal will bring multiple benefits to EPFO subscriber. If you have not updated your details I recommend to update it now.

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