Have you lost your mobile number linked with UAN? Forgot your password? Have you lost your password. Keep calm! we are here to guide you the complete procedure step by step. You may be aware that new Unified Portal of EPFO gives the facility to change mobile number in UAN online through the Aadhar linked mobile number. This article talks about how to Change Mobile Number and UAN password you have forgotten your password and if you lost your mobile number or has been changed. 

Steps to be followed:

In order to forgot UAN password online, it is essential that you have your Universal Account Number (UAN) with you. In case also if you forgot your UAN then first get it from your employer then follow the steps below: 

Step:1 Go the UAN member portal then click on the forgot password just below the Sign in button.

Step: 2 Here you will able to see two options asking about your UAN and to Enter Captcha. Fill the UAN number followed by Captcha (case sensitive) and Click on submit.

Step: 3 Now, once you click on Submit it will ask you to enter your details like Name, Date of Birth and Gender. Fill all details then click on verify.

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Step: 4 Once you click on verify it will ask you to Validate Against and you need to fill Captcha & AADHAAR Number and tick on declaration.

Step: 5 If your Aadhar is validated then it will be asked for a new mobile number. Fill the mobile number which is linked with your Aadhar and tick on the declaration then click on Get OTP.

Once you click on get OTP it will be received in your mobile number, Enter Captcha and OTP then click on verify.

Step: 6 Once, click on verify button you will be asked to enter a new password and confirm password. Fill both and click on submit your password will be changed.

Note: The password must contain a minimum of 7 characters and a maximum of 20 characters. In this password, you need to have the combination of a minimum of 4 alphabets, minimum 2 digits, and one special character are ! @ # $ % ^ & * ). In the 4 alphabets, at least one character should be capital and one small letter.

If UAN is not updated with KYC Information

To change your lost or changed mobile number in your UAN it is mandatory that your UAN must have updated with KYC information. The KYC information includes Aadhaar card details. If your UAN is not yet updated with these details then you must do it through your employer first then follow the further procedure.

So guys this is the complete guide to change password and Mobile number. You can comment below that how it helps to you. Your comments will be highly valuable and help us to improve. Now, you can take the full advantages of online services of Unified member Portal. If you like our guide then don’t forget to share.

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12 thoughts on “How to change your UAN Mobile Number and Password?”
  1. Hi there,
    so instead of new mobile number, there is AADHAR Linked Mobile Number. I do not have the AADHAR linked mobile number anymore and can’t change it on AADHAR either as I am not in India. Please advise

  2. Sir once we give no to OTP on registered mobile the next scree asking for Aadhar or Pan does not reflect.

    1. Dear Suraj,

      I Just checked its asking for Aadhaar number. Put your Aadhaar number and click on verify OTP will come to your Aadhaar registered Mobile number. Then you can proceed for next step.


  3. Hi,
    Need help regarding password reset, actually my mobile number which is linked to UAN account is not working. So how can’t reset it, it’s argent, please help me.
    and my adhar is not linked to UAN account.

    Shilpa Nemane

    1. Hello,

      Ask Your employer to update your Aadhar Number to your UAN. Then you can reset your password.

  4. Sir, mobile number lost and aadhar number not link this uan, I click forget error showing aadhar number not linked.

    1. Ask your employer to update Aadhar Number to your UAN. Once updated you can proceed with these steps.

  5. i lost my mobile number it is linked with pf account and i forgot my password can i get password .please help me .

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