EPF name correction

EPF Name Correction: Most of the time, the name and date of birth details in the EPF account are incorrect, i.e. they don’t match with the details mentioned in the Aadhaar. If left unchanged, such discrepancies can cause unnecessary hassles during EPF amount withdrawal. Thus, it is important to update your EPF account with the right details at the earliest to avoid any troubles later.

EPF name correction is a simple process which can be done online as well as offline with the help of EPF name correction form. Download EPF name correction form from here (Joint Declaration Form).

EPF name correction offline

Name correction can be done offline as well as by submitting the EPF name change form to the Regional PF Commissioner. This form is more like a joint declaration letter between the employee and the employer, addressing the Regional PF commissioner. So, you must stick to the following EPF name change letter format in your EPF name correction form:

  • The letter should be addressed to the “Regional PF commissioner”.
  • The subject should be “Joint declaration by the member and the employer”.
  • The body of the letter should mention that your employer has entered the wrong details in the EPF account and that you are writing this request letter to make corrections to the existing details.
  • Next, create a table of three columns and provide particular details which you need to change. The table must mention the incorrect entry plus the corresponding right entry. 

The EPF correction form is applicable for correcting the following types of errors:

  • Incorrect name
  • Incorrect name of father or husband
  • Incorrect date of birth
  • Incorrect date of joining the company
  • Incorrect date of leaving the company

All these particulars will be specified in the form. You must only fill the required ones that need correction. After filling the form, mention the list of documents you are providing as proof to support your correction request.

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Attestation requirements:

  • Attach a copy of proof of your name and self-attest it with your sign
  • Enter the name of the authorised signatory for the company
  • The authorised signatory must sign the form followed by the company stamp

How to update details in EPF

Do you want to update or make corrections of your name, father’s name, date of birth in the EPF account? Are you wondering about how to change details in UAN? You can do it with these simple steps:

  • The process for updating the details like father’s name, husband’s name, or date of birth is the same as that of the EPF name correction process. You must fill the joint declaration form and enter the appropriate details that need to be corrected. 
  • After you fill the form, get it signed and stamped from the authorised signatory of your company. Then, submit it to the Regional PF commissioner. You should also attach the form with event documents as proof to support the required correction.

Documents accepted as proof

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Voter ID
  • Ration Card
  • Copy of bank passbook
  • Driving licence 
  • Passport
  • ESIC ID card
  • Date of birth certificate
  • Education certificate

This is how to change name in PF account, both online and offline easily. You can follow the online process or the offline process and submit the EPF name correction form with the Regional PF commissioner.

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