Everyone is concerned about health & fitness. Aren’t you? And everyone is so busy that they forget health & fitness is more important than money.

Health & Fitness
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Following are some tips or things you can do to make sure even if your schedule is busy and hectic, you still try to remain healthy and fit.

1. Always try to remove 15-30 minutes daily for walking or running be it in morning or at night.

2. Whenever you’re on call and you know this call is going to be a long one, instead of sitting on your seat and talking start walking in your area and talk. This way you will cover your minutes of walking and remain active and healthy.

3. If you think you don’t have a second to spare for workout or go to gym or even for a walk, then find alternatives to exercise. Like use stairs instead of elevators, stand instead of sitting, else wise.

4. Make sure to include a minimum of 15 minutes yoga or meditation as a part of your schedule.

5. If you have a wearable health device, keep goals in that and make sure you complete your step goals and automatically you have exercised.

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No one is too busy to not remove time for their fitness. After all health does matter. The main goal is not to go to gym and then exercise, the main goal is to keep moving and boom you have already worked out!

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Author: Ankita Mundhra

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