Health Precautions: 

Health Tips for Women

According to Dr. Ruby Sehra, HOD Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Delhi some of the most the important tips include health and diet precautions and watching out for hypertension as those are the common issues with women. A 30+ woman needs to be careful about all the issues listed below and should immediately report to her doctor, if she feels something is amiss. So as a woman over 30 you need to be cautious about: These are some of the important health precautions that a woman over 30 should not only be aware of but also be prepared for to deal with them 

Vaginal infections: Most of us women struggle with urinary tract infections, and once you are in your 30’s, you need to pay more attention to vaginal health and hygiene 

Unwanted pregnancies: Find a birth control method that suits you and your partner the best to avoid getting pregnant by chance 

Hormonal imbalances: The root cause of many diseases is hormonal imbalances that happen in the body. Getting regular medical check-ups to rule out any deviations is a must 

Obesity: Healthy weight management is a huge must to keep a number of diseases at bay 

New growth anywhere in body: Any new growth in the body needs medical examination and should not be ignored 

Blood sugar levels: Keeping a check on your sugar levels with regular screenings can save you from diabetes and its effects

Diet Precautions: 

Apart from health precautions, women over 30 should also take necessary precautions in their diet. She should be ensuring the presence of following in her diet: In addition, make it a point to- Further supplement the diet with essential vitamins, Isoflavons, and iron supplements. As the woman reaches her thirties, she starts experiencing bone density loss or osteoporosis. Hence it is important that she takes calcium supplement and iron supplements as well 

Health Tips for Women

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Health Tips for Women

Proteins: Proteins are the building blocks of our body cells and are also important to maintain good hair and nails 

Calcium: For healthy bones, calcium is a must. Calcium is also helpful in avoiding blood clots, muscles and nerves 

Vitamin D: Though we get most of Vitamin D from the mighty Sun, it is advisable to get checked for it’s deficiency 

Iron: Anaemia or low levels of Haemoglobin are another watch out for women not just over 30 but mostly throughout their lives. Women in India generally tend to have low levels of Haemoglobin, and as they age, the levels tend to fall further. Hence it is imperative for them to take a diet that is rich in iron like spinach, pomegranate, and broccoli among other foods along with iron supplements to meet the iron requirements of the body Have a diet with low carbohydrate content Limit the intake of fats Include soya bean and its derivatives to be added in the diet Include a few nuts like almonds and walnuts should be consumed in moderate quantities


Hypertension or high BP is another watch out in women over 30. So it is advisable to go for a regular BP checkups and if there is a history of hypertension in the family, reduce intake of salt in your diet and avoid processed foods like chips. Ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle and follow recommended lifestyle changes

Regular check ups: 

Apart from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is also imperative to go for regular medical check-ups. The regular check-ups should be done once in a year. You may fix one date in the year – could be your birthday – and go for medical check-ups on that day

Stay active:

To stay healthy, you need to get active and plan an exercise schedule suiting your needs. Choose what you like to do – jogging, dancing, aerobics, swimming and experiment with other workout variations. A brisk walk everyday, an occasional game of tennis, strength training and a cardio workout should help you keep your weight goals in check

Symptoms that should not be ignored:

In addition to all the precautions that you are taking, there are certain symptoms that you should not ignore and visit a doctor if you experience any: These symptoms on their own may not be life threatening, but will still need a medical intervention just to rule out any illness. Another reason for you to go for your regular medical check-ups! irregular bleeding painful menstruation distension of abdomen sudden weight loss or weight gain excessive thirst frequent urination throbbing headache


Talking about Mammography, Dr Madhu Goel, Sr. consultant in Obstetrics and gynaecology at Fortis LA Femme says that Mammography (a specialised medical imaging that uses a low-dose X-ray to see inside the breasts) is quite important for women over 30, as it helps in early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women. She also emphasised on the importance of regular Pap Smear Test as you cross 40

Take care of your skin: 

Skin is our body’s biggest organ. If you have had a flawless, beautiful skin till now, it is bound to change once you hit your 30’s. This so happens because new cells are now generated at a slower rate than what was happening earlier. Modify your skin care regime by ensuring you wear a sunscreen everytime you step in the sun, and hit the sack only after removing the make-up

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