Our bodies and minds are made to carry us for many productive decades — to school, to work, and to give birth to babies and raise families. But women are also prone to dangerous diseases including heart disease, cancer, and stroke. There are so many different ways to keep your mind and body strong and healthy. Here are some streamlined tips for protecting a woman’s physical and mental health at any age.

Women Should Do

Becoming healthy means many diverse matters for ladies. Building excellent habits of diet and exercising is very important, and that’s having great cleanliness. Getting healthy also means having a good mental attitude, and making safe choices about the human body and behaviors. Be healthy to truly feel optimistic, appear great, and take care of the body!


Women are more prone to issues such as depression, anxiety or stress and that is why it is imperative for women to make sure to go out of their ways to do things that make them happy and content. Pursuing hobbies and interests daily, hence helps a lot. It can be reading, walking, listening to music, journaling, dancing, playing video games and many more.

Physical Activity

Exercise not only makes you look and feel good, but also prevents you from a lot of diseases by making you stronger over all. There can be many ways of physical activity that you can do. You can figure out what you enjoy doing – walking, running, gyming, weight lifting, dancing, swimming, yoga, kick boxing – I think you get the idea! The basic idea is to do something on a consistent basis.

Mental Activity

Our brain is a complex system and performs its best if you throw new challenges at it consistently. Even if it is only for 15 minutes. Try to solve a puzzle or sudoku in your local newspaper or learn a new thing every single day. Play a game of chess with a friend or cook a new recipe!

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There are basic 4 kinds of food groups that every woman should eat something from, every single day – Protein, Fruits, Greens, Veggies. Protein takes care of everything from hair, skin, nails, muscle repair, growth, immunity and maintenance of the body. Fruits are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants. Greens have a wide range of anti oxidants which prevents our bodies from a lot of diseases. Veggies are very low in calories, very filling and also very wholesome.


Drinking water is important. It is over hyped and rightly so! It is needed to keep your body cool, help muscles and joints to work better, make your skin supple and release all the toxins out of your body! So start your mornings with a big glass of water to make up for the dehydration over the night and drink at least 2-3 liters of water throughout the day. A good level of hydration can also be achieved by having lots of herbal teas and fruits.


If you have not slept properly you will not be your best self, you will not have correct focus and will feel tired and lethargic all day. That is why it is very crucial for women, especially, to make sure that they have at least 7-8 hours of sleep every single day.

Plan Your Day

If you would write down all the things that you would like to do in a day, you would find yourselves to be more accountable and achieve all those things. Instead of just procrastinating thinking to yourself that you have all the time in the world to do them and their is no urgency. Planning your day will give you a rough idea of how much time each thing will require and will push you to achieve those tasks.

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