This Antonyms Verbal Ability Quiz tests your knowledge of the English Language. An Antonym Verbal Ability is a word which is of contrary meaning to another. For example, hot is an antonym of cold. By practicing this Antonyms Verbal Ability Questions, applicants can score good marks in the Verbal Ability Questions. It is the base point for all the competitive exams. So must and should practice the given Antonyms Verbal Ability Quiz.


Reading Comprehension is an important topic from the English section that holds a high weightage in this every competitive exam. Out of which at least 5 Antonyms Verbal Ability questions will appear in the exam. Antonyms based questions are most comfortable and quick to solve. So we insist the individuals improve your vocabulary and solve maximum questions on this topic and grab five marks easily.

This Antonyms topic is very important for the preparation of exams like SSC CPO, RBI Grade B, IBPS PO, etc. Here’s the Antonyms MCQ Quiz for exam preparation, which will help you to practice questions based on this topic. Also, don’t forget to solve Antonyms Quiz as well. To know more updates stay with us and book mark our website.


1. Meager

a) Kind
b) Generous
c) Thoughtful
d) Copious

2. Philistine

a) Novice
b) Intellectual
c) Pious
d) Debutante

3. Zenith

a) Worst
b) Apex
c) Nadir
d) Past

4. Germane

a) Irrelevant
b) Indifferent
c) Impartial
d) Improvident

5. Irascible

a) Determined
b) Placid
c) Reasonable
d) Pliant

6. Approbate

a) Ingratitude
b) Condemn
c) Dissatisfaction
d) Master

7. Supercilious

a) Unimportant
b) Relevant
c) Serious
d) Meek

8. Improvident

a) Cautious
b) Fortunate
c) Proven
d) Intelligent

9. Demur

a) Embrace
b) Crude
c) Boisterous
d) Falter

10. Fatuous

a) Crafty
b) Frugal
c) Sensible
d) Inane

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Q.1. d) Copious
Explanation: Meager means lacking in quality or quantity; Copious means present in large quantity, or abundant

Q.2. b) Intellectual
Explanation: Philistine is used disparagingly to describe a person guided by material rather than intellectual values; an Intellectual is a person who engages in creative use of his or her intellect

Q.3. c) Nadir
Explanation: Zenith means the highest point or the apex; Nadir means the lowest point

Q.4. a) Irrelevant
Explanation: Germane means to be appropriate or relevant, therefore Irrelevant is the opposite

Q.5. b) Placid
Explanation: Irascible means easily angered; Placid means calm or serene

Q.6. b) Condemn
Explanation: To approbate means to approve or sanction; to Condemn means to declare wrong or to convict

Q.7. d) Meek
Explanation: Supercilious means coolly or patronizingly haughty; Meek means enduring injury with patience and without resentment

Q.8. a) Cautious
Explanation: Improvident means lacking prudent foresight, or careless; Cautious means to be wary or to exercise forethought

Q.9. a) Embrace
Explanation: To demur means to delay or hesitate; to embrace means to accept readily or gladly; demure means coy

Q.10. c) Sensible
Explanation: Fatuous means inanely foolish; Sensible is its nearest opposite

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