Programmatic Audience Buying

Initially when a brand wanted to reach out to the maximum number of people to promote itself, it would contact a publisher like Times of India (TOI), Yahoo, MSN etc. Now at that time there was no technology to identify attributes of audience behaviour at all. So what the advertisers did is that they bought inventories from these publishers and blindly put ab ads on these websites.

Programmatic Audience Buying

But what is an inventory? An inventory is nothing but the number of “impressions” on a page. In simple words, all publishers have certain ad spaces available for advertisers to use. These impressions are generally opportunities given to an advertiser to showcase his ad to users.

So earlier, publishers would provide advertisers to opportunities to showcase their ads on their sites but they didn’t give out information on the behaviour of the audience which viewed their ads. Thus the success of these ad campaigns was measured by the number of impressions on the ad. But then no difference could be seen between digital advertising and print advertising as both of them gave advertisers the same kind of result.

But this was initial inception of digital advertising. Over a period of time, advertisers thought that if I am reaching out to 1 Million people per day how many of them are my potential customers? How many would actually take interest in what I am trying to sell?

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For eg., if I am a brand who sells car and 1.5 million people have seen my ad regarding the newest ad which has arrived I would want to know how many people have seen the ad. But I would also want to know how many people out of these 1.5 million people actually love car and automobiles.

As an advertiser I would eventually want to know who these people are, what they like. Do they like what I am trying to promote? Or they have simply just viewed my ad, for the sake of it? So as an answer to all of these questions and doubts of an advertisers and brands a platform called Programmatic Audience Buying was designed.

Programmatic Audience Buying is nothing but a systematic distribution of ads to the most like-able audience segments, in a programmed and automated way. Automated way is nothing but a real-time process wherein no manual trading and human touch is required. It’s basically an opportunity to show one specific ad to an anonymous customer in one context and preferably on one device.

With Programmatic Audience Buying, one can avoid the spray and pray methodology of digital marketing by paying only for the effective ads by designing more efficient and targeted campaigns to reach out to the right people.

By Ankita Mundhra

Programmatic Media Buying

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