Deep marketing is different from surface marketing in many ways.

With Deep Marketing you can…

# Connect with your customers on a deeper level
# Get high-quality attention using high-quality content (like I am doing right now)
# Trust is built from the attention. Because this attention is with consent.
# The trust can be leveraged into convincing customers to do a transaction.

Deep marketing is done from a personal brand, not a lifeless brand with a logo. (I am talking to you right now. This is Deepak. PixelTrack, my company is not sending you the message).

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So where we do marketing has changed from traditional medium to digital medium. But that’s not as important as people think.

What’s important is – whether we are able to move to Deep marketing, from surface marketing. Because in this day and age, it is impossible to build a brand with surface marketing.

No matter how much ad budget you have, you cannot build a brand but throwing your brand name, logo, and slogan in every surface medium possible. People are just going to ignore you.

The only way to build trust and generate revenue through transactions is to do deep marketing.

How can you do Deep Marketing?

Step 1: You are going to get people’s attention using high-quality content. Content marketing is the key here. Without good quality content, people are not going to pay attention to you. And the content has to be created by a human, personal brand. Not from a logo.

Step 2: You understand the requirements of your audience and create content – to help them, without expecting anything in return. With a genuine interest in helping people, not expecting a transaction in return.

Step 3: You are going to leverage this high-quality attention, to build trust. (You have spent more than 15 minutes paying attention to me now, doesn’t that make you trust me more?)

Step 4: You can leverage the built trust to request your customers to do a transaction with you. And you are going to explain how your product/service is going to help your customer.

C.A.T.T. – Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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