Let us scan the format of an advertisements to see how the way to write it matters. When you design an advertisement to be put on Google, it scans it and comes with the status of your ad. This status is what we call Ad Relevance.

Ad Relevance...
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Ad Relevance is nothing but a measurement of how closely the keyword you have used is relevant to your advertisement.

For eg., when a user searches for shoes online, he types the word “shoes” and a few ads of Myntra, Jabong and Amazon come up with ad content with says something like 20% discount of shoes or buy shoes online. Now these phrases or ads are extremely relevant to their service and the search keywords. Hence the ad relevance of those 2 ads are pretty good.

Now you can get these 3 results as your Ad Relevance status as ‘Above Average, Average and Below Average’. Average and Above Average statuses are considered good as it shows the ad keywords are pretty relevant to your ad. A Below Average status ad is considered not good as your ad is not relevant enough and that you need to use better content and keywords for it to be appealing and clickable.

So if you go to a store and ask for ‘Brown Shoes’ and they give you black shoes which is considered average result. But if the guy comes with brown shoes when you ask for brown it becomes above average status. If he comes with a brown handbag instead of shoes, that becomes below average status. You will be like what is this? I asked for a shoe and he is showing me a handbag.

But you obviously can’t say this to an online website and that is why they try to find relevant keywords to search what they want online.

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Therefore, websites should make relevant ads with good and popular keywords to cater to customer needs and be popular among them. So, Ad Relevance is very important in Search Engine Marketing.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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