health benefits of showering


The purpose of bathing is to remove dead skin cells, sweat deposit on skin as well as excreted toxic and waste substances by body through skin. Some of the regions like eyes, ear canal, nostrils, belly button, armpits, groin area and external genitalia secretes some oily substances, kind of lubricating material or waxy substances for protection from natural dirt, bacteria, skin to skin friction and to protect from other such constituents.

Reduce Microorganisms

Cleanses and eliminates toxins from the body through sweat so it becomes essential to take bath regularly. Being the largest organ in the body it purifies and soothes the mind and soul. Bathing also burns calories. It can be a mood elevator by rejuvination of neuroendocrine system of our body. The core temperature of the body is also well regulated. It also moisturizes the hair, skin and eyes. It also improves the blood circulation. Health benefits of showering…..

Promote Skin Integrity

Bathing daily also eases the muscle tension. It gives a boost to our immune system thereby reducing infections. Early morning bath reduces the stress hormone called cortisol which helps in mental equilibrium and stability. Bathing at the brahmamuhurta purifies both the conscious and subconscious mind. It also increases the quality of the sperm count and enhances fertility in both the sexes. Night shower gives a youthful glow and provides better ram sleep cycle. At the most a proper bath is believed to eliminate negative energies of our body, mind and soul.

Further, there may be deposition of various substances, dirt, dust etc on skin and hairs, which need regular removal and cleaning for hygienic viewpoint. Those who are not taking bath regularly, are more prone to skin diseases, rashes, fungal infections, eczema etc. Their hairs are more rough likely to contain deposited dust and debris from environment. They could easily have and harbour infestation of hair lice, body lice and other external parasites. Health benefits of showering……

Sense of Well-being

In order to keep skin and body adequately clean and refreshing, the use of some sort of soapy substance, bathing soap, bathing gel or such bathing products will be required, Bathing soaps, bathing gel, shampoo etc act as surfactants, emulsifying oily substances to enable them to be carried away by water. The use of soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds dislodges germs like viruses and bacteria, so they wash down the drain. The bathing soap and other bathing products will clean these oily distances, kill any microrganisms settled on the skin and make body refreshing after proper cleaning and hygiene during bath.

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The use of pumice stone, natural bottle guard loofan, synthetic fiber loofan helps in removal of dead skin cells from the skin keeping skin healthy and refreshed. Therefore, it is advisable to use bathing soap, bathing gel or any such bathing product for proper cleaning and to maintain hygiene. The presence of traces of carbolic acid in bathing product makes these germicidal. The body’s fine openings of sweat glands are cleaned and foul odour of sweat will go away leaving fragrant Smell of bathing product on the body. There is feel of freshness and pleasant Smell after taking proper bath. The mild hot water bath is further rejuvenating as it increases blood circulation, relaxes body skin and muscles.

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