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If you are looking for a way to earn money online then do not think too much. Today we have brought a great business idea for you. Which anyone can start sitting at home. Be it a housewife or a retired person or a student, you can easily earn Rs 100,000 per month sitting at home. Everyone tells you what business is and how to do it.

Name of article Business Idea
Business TypeSmall Investment Business 
investmentRs 20,000
profitRs 10,000 to Rs 1,00,000

Business Idea: Photo Restoration Business Idea

Nowadays, smartphones are used by the entire family including children and with this the craze for photography has also increased. As a result, people now capture every little moment of their daily life on their cameras and enhance them using companion apps on their smartphones.

You can earn money through photography without leaving home. This could be an online financial solution that people around the world are doing. For this you need some practice in the field of photo restoration, i.e. making old, damaged or damaged photos look better.

When performing photo restoration work, you need to have knowledge of photo engineering and graphics design so that you can restore photos to their original format. For this you can also take help of mobile application. There are more than 30 mobile applications available on Google Play Store, from which you can choose one as per your needs and preferences.

This is how you make money from photo restoration

After downloading the application you will have to practice well. You should practice working on 100 to 200 photos so that you can become proficient in this area. Once you’ve mastered the skill, you should be ready to launch yourself.

There are many websites on the internet that hire freelancers and we recommend that you create your profile on at least five websites. This will give your experts the opportunity to get work from different sources.

Also consider promoting your skills on social media. After creating your pages and channels on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, you should regularly showcase your work here using the before-after concept. This will increase your professionalism and you will also get more customers. 

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