Profitable Business: Friends, the weather of Rain is such a cool season that people wait for. And let’s see which business to do in monsoon season to earn more profit. If you do the seasonal businesses, then this article definitely would help you to get some business ideas during the rainy season.

We have brought you very good monsoon business ideas in this article that will be very useful to you and can benefit you a lot. Read and enjoy till the end some Beneficial business ideas running in the rainy season.

profitable Business

What business to do during the rainy season?

Friends, we have brought to you with a lot of profitable business ideas that runs a lot in the rainy season. You will see from this article some seasonal business ideas running in the rainy season, medium-scale business, food businesses, wholesale business ideas running in the rainy season.

1. Selling of Rain coats

People buy umbrellas but prefer to keep raincoats together because we know how many benefits of raincoats. In all classes like students, job seekers, farmers, Bikers most of the raincoats are used in the rainy season. You can also earn good money by doing raincoat business for 2 to 3 months. In this business in case if you have some stock residing with you after rainy season then you can sell those in next year.

2. Tarpaulin Business

You all know how much and where tarpaulin is used in the rainy season. To protect your objects and belongings from water, you can cover tarpaulin and protect them in the rain.

In the rainy season, the demand for tarpaulin increases a lot, most of the need is for the farmer because most of his goods are out, such as money taken immediately in the field or crop, animal fodder, then you can earn good profit by selling tarpaulin. If you have GST number, then you can also supply to Govt. as during rainy season most of the time Govt. supplies huge quantity of tarpaulin to flood areas.

3. Selling of Moong Dal Bada

If you are a food vendor than you can add this to your shop because If there is a slight rainfall, peoples always love to have dal bada. The most run business in the rainy season is moong dal bada. Moong Dal Bada is a deep fried snack from Rajasthani cuisine. It is made using whole green moong dal. It is crispy on the outside and soft inside.

My own experience is very tasty and there is a lot of earnings in it. So you can also do this business.

4. Roasting and Selling of Corn

If you also go out in the rain, then you will see that the business of roasting and selling corn runs vigorously. People like to eat in the rain. The business of roasting and selling corns is the best small scale business running in the rainy season in today’s time, which you can start in very little investment and earn good profits.

5. Waterproof Bag Selling

The demand for waterproof bags increases a lot during the rainy season. Whether it is school and college students or office-going employees, everyone is afraid of getting wet of their bag in the rain.

If people buy waterproof bags or other things in rainy season, then you can earn good money by doing this business.

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